Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Will Smith speaking out

World renowned actor Will Smith gave a speech for the America tribute to heroes event regarding the attacks on September 11th 2001. He was joined by the greatest boxer ever, Muhammad Ali, maybe the world's most famous Muslim. What prompted this speech was the vast spread of Islamophobia, which is the fear of people of Islamic people. The United States was in a time of shock, mourning and fear at the time shortly after the attacks on September 11th. This is why two superstar figures in our society came together to spread a message regarding togetherness, understanding and forgiveness. The audience for this speech was most likely American citizens, over the age of twenty. The audience most likely came from different cultures and geographical areas around the nation. A large part of this audience was probably Muslim people as well, as they were most definitely sickened by the attacks on 9/11 and were hoping for this speech to bring some sort of ease on the hatred of Islamic people at the time. It would be watched on T.V at the time, as web based streaming was not prominent in the year 2001.The main message of this speech was that " It was hate, not religion that motivated the attacks on nine eleven". The goal of the interview was to spread the message that the Islamic religion was not the cause for the attacks on 9/11, to show that it was the cowardly acts of sick human beings that devastated America. Seeing Will Smith stand up as an American who has no claim to Islam showed me that he is a logical, forgiving individual whose thoughts and biases are not shaped by those around him or in his nation. It also showed me that he is a leader who wants to speak out on what is right and just. I'm not sure that Will Smith was trying to achieve any new praise for his speech, I believe that he was just speaking from his heart about a message that had to be spread. After watching this speech I now have a new respect for Will Smith. I see him as a leader, who cares about injustice in society and uses his power as a world superstar to help causes that he feels need to be addressed.

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  1. I like how Cal gave detail into his interview. After reading this is makes you wonder what it would've been like to truly witness 9/11. I agree with you on Will not trying to gain praise for this speech but was talking from his heart.