Wednesday, October 12, 2016

When Are We Not Laughing At Ferrell

Will Ferrell, my favorite male actor, continued his humorous personality from his movies to the Good Morning America interview in 2015. He is always an interesting character to watch, and never loses the audience’s attention because of his quick wit and unique personality. The movie “Daddy’s Home” is just another example of how comedy is the genre Will Ferrell belongs in, and is one to watch.

Using CAPP, we can analyze the rhetorical situation of this interview quite well. One of his most prominent movies “Daddy’s Home” has an interesting plot line of dad and step-dad fighting for who’s the ‘best’ in the eyes of their children. This interview enlightened society with a brief preview of what Daddy’s Home would be like. Published just 8 days before the movie was released, this interview continued to excite viewers about the Christmas day release date. Good morning America wanted to interview Will Ferrell to receive his point of view on the movie, the characters, and scenes that were considered his favorite. Will and co-main character Mark Wahlberg have worked together before, and decided it was time to once again star as comedians in a movie. The cultural climate of this interview was during Christmas time, so everyone is getting ready for holiday festivities. Christmas time is one of the most brilliant times to release a movie, for people receive time off for work and school and enjoy nothing more than a good movie.

The audience for this interview is simple: people who love comedies and Will Ferrell. This directly relates to the audience that is being targeted for the movie. This interview is being watched and designed in a way to inform society about the new coming comedy, and get the audience excited to see the movie.

The main take away from this interview is not only are we blessed with the presence of Will Ferrell, but famous actor Mark Wahlberg plays a large roll. In the interview Ferrell stresses how well the two work together, which is an attention grabber to the audience. Viewers often see movies for Ferrell alone, so the fact that Ferrell is working with one of his strongest partners is a very strong marketing point included in the interview. The goal is to inform society about the movie “Daddy’s Home”, and motivate viewers to see the film. The interview includes some of the most interesting and funny parts of the movie, to inform viewers of what the movie is going to be like. The interview is a very nonchalant, exciting, and fun way to get the audience involved in the film’s plot. 

As always, Ferrell cracks jokes throughout the entire interview, just as he does in his movies. This gets viewers excited to see his continued comedy in the movie, but this time along with Mark Wahlberg. The interviewer supported the point of view I already had on Ferrell: that he is a great comedian. I think he wants to be portrayed to the audience as a character who has fun making others laugh. Ferrell has always been good at that, and this is continued throughout this movie.   

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  1. I love Will Ferrell and thought your blog was written really well! You make a good point about the movie coming out during Christmas time which influences audiences to go and see more movies. Will Ferrell definitely targets viewers that can appreciate his humor.