Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blog 3--Nick Lodolo

Blog 3
Nick Lodolo
Adam Sandler

The actor I chose was Adam Sandler and the interview is with Conan O'Brien on the late night show in 1998. What prompted this interview with Adam Sandler was his new movie, ‘The WaterBoy’. The culture climate of society in 1998, was a year where a lot things started to change. Many things people rely on today were first experienced in 1998. Society as a whole was changing and so was the film industry. Society as a whole was very excited to see this movie due to his two very big films in previous years. Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore left people wanting more, and so ‘The WaterBoy’ was up next.

The people who were most likely watching this, were people who enjoyed comedy and enjoyed a good laugh that Adam Sandler provides. As we have come to realize throughout the years, Adam Sandler can give us a great laugh. I don't believe that this differs from the target audience because it provides great entertainment and excitement that people are looking for. People who watched Conan O’Brien were looking for entrainment and getting to know a little bit about someone famous who was on set. In 1998, people were excited about Adam Sandler because he was just starting his acting career and breaking out into the acting world. This show and interview were being watched to find out a little bit about Adam Sandler, and hear what he’s been up too.  

The main take away from the interview is Adam Sandler talking about the new movie ‘The WaterBoy’, and how this movie came about.  He also goes on to describe his other ideas for movies and how he came up with these ideas. Listening to his reason for these movies, I found quite entertaining. I found it entertaining because the reasoning he has for them and thinking to myself how did he even come up with this. The goal of the interview was for Conan to promote Adam Sandler’s new movie. Also was to entertain the audience and listen to Adam tell him jokes and have a good time listening to him answer questions.

The interview helped shape my perception of Adam Sandler because I was able to see how he thinks and understand where he likes to come up with his laughs. I’ve always seen him as a funny, really laid back type of person. In this interview, I would say that’s exactly what he is.  I think he wanted to be portrayed as someone funny and as someone who's very easy-going. He knows the role he plays in movies is exactly who he is, so he doesn’t really have to come out of his movie role. This interview did not change how I previously viewed him, but from watching this interview I do understand a little more about his personality and his thoughts. Comparing this interview from 1998, to an interview done recently would be interesting to see how much he has changed or if he has at all.

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  1. I really agree on your point about the target audience