Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Angelina Jolie

             Angelina Jolie is the leading actor in the new action movie, SALT. She sits down with Kevin McCarthy to discuss her role in the film, her kids, and Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie is a lovable actor by Hollywood and the general public. She comes off light-hearted and easygoing in her interview. She talks about her personal life and her kids, which will show the public she is nothing more than a typical mother.
            The main reason for this interview is to promote the movie SALT. SALT was originally intended the main character to be a male, but once Angelina got the leading role, the character changed to a female. She mentions how she hopes this will open new roles for women actors because males are more likely to be asked to act in a film first. This will bring attention to Hollywood because it will prove female actors can produce a good action movie and be just as successful as if a male were to play in it. The producer focused on trying not to make the film about a girl but to seek to make a good action movie. Which shows that there is not a difference in the way a movie should be produced if they were to cast a female or a male. The primary goal of every movie is to try and make it as successful as possible while not trying to worry about the gender of the main characters.
             Angelina Jolie plays a badass role in SALT. McCarthy asks her is she does her owns stunts, and she replied she does most of them herself. She has a vibe she is good enough to do her stunts, and she is not afraid of getting down and dirty. Angelina is athletic and intense to do her own stunts. She even tells the story about how she had to go to the hospital after running her head into a desk, but she said it so nonchalantly and made no fuss about it. Even though Angelina plays these action filled films; she is also an average mom. McCarthy asks if she even has time to pack her kids lunches. Angelina mentions how she or Brad is always home at night and every day she packs her kids lunches. She makes time for her family but mentions she also has some help from others balancing kids, being a mom, and working. Angelina is relatable to any working mom. Their top priority is their children and family, but they also know how to balance out their work life around their family. Many working moms have trouble finding a balance between family, work, and social life, so they have a nanny or a helper, which is what Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have to do. Some people may not support having a helper around the house, but if Angelina has one, then it makes it acceptable and normal. She is a role model to many because she plays such distinct roles. Angelina is also a working mother who has a husband in the same industry and four adopted children. She lives a normal lifestyle but just happens to be residing in the Hollywood spotlight.  

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