Wednesday, October 12, 2016

kristen bELLEN

              Kristen Bell is one of my favorite actresses and is widely known for her humorous interviews with Ellen. Kristen Bell has been featured in all different genres of films but she is most famously known for Frozen and Bad Moms. However, this interview was not about her acting career at all but rather about her obsession with sloths.
              Context: One year for Kristen Bell’s birthday present, her husband, Dax Shepherd got her a sloth for her birthday party. Which would not be a big deal except for that Kristen Bell is obsessed with sloths. Shepherd proceeded to do what all good husbands would do and records the whole thing. The video is not the typical Christmas morning or birthday surprise video filmed with joy and excitement. Instead, Kristen has an emotional breakdown. Soon after the video is released, Ellen schedules an interview with Kristen to ask all about her sloth obsession. 
              Audience: Most people watching this interview is either house moms or house dads. Ellen airs during the day so men and women that have full time jobs usually do not have time to watch Ellen and/or do not have access to a TV at that time. To be quite honest, I do not think Ellen has a particular targeted audience. Meaning, I do not think Ellen targets a certain gender or age but rather anyone who stays at home and does not have a full time job. This tends to be mostly women with kids in school and a husband who works. Therefore, I don’t think the targeted audience differs from the people who do watch it. I think Ellen is mostly watched by people in their homes, on their computers or in waiting rooms for appointments. The targeted audience for this interview in particular could be fans of Kristen Bell who watch all of her interviews.
              Purpose: The main take-away from this interview is very clear. Kristen Bell is in love with sloths. She is obsessed with them and loses all control over her emotions when told she will be seeing a sloth. In my opinion, the goal of this interview is to show people that Kristen Bell is both humorous in movies and in real life. This low quality video was taken by her husband, Dax, and she is actually sobbing. It’s hilarious. I also think the goal of this interview was for Kristen Bell to explain to everyone what she was thinking and feeling emotionally during this short clip.
              Point of View: In all Ellen’s interviews with Kristen Bell she shows us the humorous, young at heart actress. This interview in particular we get to see the humorous, young at heart, and emotional actress. This makes me have so much more respect for Kristen Bell as a person. Sometimes I often wonder if an actress is just funny in films or if she actually is and in this interview we discover that Kristen’s humor is one hundred percent real. Real is exactly how I think Kristen Bell wanted to portray herself to the audience as. Genuinely humorous is how I portrayed Kristen Bell before and now. I view her in the same way I did before I saw this interview.

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  1. This is a very well written piece Caroline! I enjoyed your analysis of the actress Kristen Bell, as she is definitely an underrated actor in our society. You most certainly followed the CAPP model, however, I think the piece could have been used without highlighting the fact that you were using the model. All in all, I think it was great work!