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Bradley Cooper: The Actor of Our Generation

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October 12th, 2016  
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Bradley Cooper: The Actor of Our Generation 

Many Americans seem to recognize Bradley Cooper as the comical, witty actor in the Hangover series, but he is much more than that. Cooper has delved into a series of new roles, which include the bipolar misfit in Silver Linings Playbook, to the American war hero and legend Chris Kyle. His performances in these movies truly gave Cooper the recognition he deserved for his brilliant acting ability. He now resides in New York, performing on the Broadway stage as the main character in The Elephant Man, who is physically impaired in the nature of his body.  

In an interview with ABC Nightline, the history of how Bradley Cooper became one of the greatest actors in the film industry today is unraveled. 

Bradley Cooper takes on the role of the living American war legend Chris Kyle, who was cited with 160 confirmed kills in the military. The interview is to note Cooper's brilliant performance as the deadly sniper. During the time of the release of this film, dealings in the Middle East were taking place. America was unsure of it's standing in the area, and was caught in a limbo of sorts. The release of American Sniper was timed perfectly, and it showcased how lethal America's military was.  

Although all seemed to know and love the Chris Kyle that Bradley Cooper portrayed, I believe this interview was viewed by most of Cooper's fans, because of his brilliant performance in the movie. This was the intended target audience, as the interview directly showcased Cooper's accomplishments not only in film, but on stage as well. I think this interview is being watched objectively, as one who hates Cooper's work can surely appreciate the achievements he has made in the performing industry. 

One of the main takeaways from the interview is that Bradley Cooper is an extremely talented actor. His ability to fully embrace a character and perform it exceedingly well is astonishing to say the least. Another thing viewers can see in this interview is that Cooper is an incredibly smart actor. His questions about film history as a 22 year old student stun even the best of actors. The undoubted goal of this interview is to really show how incredible of a person and actor Bradley Cooper is.  

The interviewer, Byron Pitts, creates the best possible image for Cooper. He contorts and shapes Bradley Cooper to be one of the greatest actors in the industry, as he not only reflects on his film achievements, but his theatre accomplishments as well. Pitts obviously wants the audience to appreciate the work that Cooper has contributed to our society. His leading questions that Cooper can answer however he wants. I never viewed Bradley Cooper as such a down to earth human being. The interview certainly changed my perception of who Bradley Cooper was. I always thought of him as a comedy actor, and only limited to that role. But now I can see that Bradley Cooper is not only an amazing actor, but one of the best of our generation. 

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  1. American Sniper is by far my favorite Bradley Cooper movie. He plays Chris Kyle perfectly, and it's definitely his best performance. It's also cool to see that Bradley Cooper is such a great guy.