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Mark Wahlberg - Michael Trenka

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Mark Wahlberg

            Actors have a very big influence on the media as well as the people that follow them day to day, movie to movie.  Mark Wahlberg has been interviewed many times, and in this interview he is interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres but not about what he does as an actor but in fact how he parents his kids.  Ellen DeGeneres is known for having very different interviews, and she mostly dives into the interviewee’s life, which is what prompted this interview.  As the interview proceeds, Mark is asked many questions about his minivan, which targets the culture of society.  I say this because men are starting to take roles at home when the wife is out and about.  Mark takes his kids to school, and picks them up, of course having direct tv installed in your minivan while waiting for your kids sounds pretty good, but mark still takes the roles that women had back in the 1960’s.  This shows men and women are being put in different roles that back in the day society wouldn’t approve of, to now where it is socially accepted.

            Ellen DeGeneres is a known name around the country, known for her entertaining interviews as well as the excitement she brings to her show day in and day out.  The audience mostly watching this show is Ellen’s fans as well as Mark’s fans.  I believe the target audience is just about everyone who would like to see how a very popular actor takes care of his kids, as well as how he goes about his life, therefore it doesn’t differ from the audience that watches it.  This interview is being watched from seats in the background of the set, as well as from home. 

            When I watched this interview, I thought it was very interesting to see a different take on an actor’s life, then asking the actor about their new up and coming movie.  The main take away from this interview is that many actors have other things going on in their life other than acting.  Another take away from this interview is that even though an actor makes millions of dollars, he still fits in with society by not having flashing cars or flashing it in the public image of his family.  The purpose of this interview is to not fall into the temptation of stereotypes of a person in the film industry.  The goal of the interview is to bring out the other side of an actors life, what they do off the set.

            Ellen invites Mark onto her show, the conversations are informal meaning that they are meant to express the interviewees opinions and feelings on a part of their life.  Mark wanted to be portrayed just like an average family, of course he has a little more gadgets to his vehicle but the fact is that he still takes care of his family even if his job is demanding.  Personally, I have seen many of Mark’s interviews and I respect him as an actor as well as what he does off the set.  This interview expressing another good quality of being involved with his family.

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