Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Why an Interview can Impact an Actor and Movie in a Major way

Teresa Finucane
Mrs. Waggoner
Intro to Composition:Writing as Inquiry
12 October 2016

Why an Interview can Impact an Actor and Movie in a Major way
Jennifer Lawrence has been an actor who has made major strides in the actor world by her confident and no-nonsense self along with her widely known versatile talent.  In the beginning of her career, being one that started on her own doing rather than always growing up in a previous light of a family member or unreasonable reality identification, she helped branch her name off of interviews. Though a young actress, she went to through the process of getting her name out with the help of self advertisement and promotion. Interviews, a way for the audience to better identify with the character, is part of how an actor can increase or decrease movie sales as well as lead to a later negative or positive impact for the actor’s casting in later roles.
The interview watched was made to promote the movie the Hunger Game, the movie that began her stardom. The book, a well-liked and widely read novel, had positive expectations heading into the film and was long anticipated. When finding the cast that would correlate with the storyline, readers and soon to be watchers were critical. In advertising for the film, along with the beginning of her acting life to come, Jennifer Lawrence had high pressure from the audience to uphold. Lawrence discussed how fans were already prevalent and persistent,  regardless her not being priorly famous. The attention was coming from the love of the book.With such a big role as part of her beginnging, her nervousness showed in the interview. Eagerly responsive and noticeably nervous, the audience responded and seem to  appreciate the honesty her interview gave, deriving a form of pathos.
The audience of the film, as Jennifer Lawrence noted in the interview, would be young teenage girls. What would later turn into a wider-range audience, began as narrow and specific.The late night David Letterman show is mostly in opposition of the audience that would be seeing the film. Hunger Games being a series, also discussed in the interview, had already made plans for future movies, adding to the pressure of need a positive audience acceptance.
The interview served to increase the attention and information that viewers had for the film and also actress, Jennifer Lawrence. As the main character and not being strongly  previously recognized, only acting in one film prior to, may allow for some who have not read the book to be resistant to seeing the Hunger Games. In order to further the audience from being just teenage girls and novel readers, interviews such as the late night talk show with David Letterman aid in this.  Though the overall purpose was to promote her new movie, it additively was to increase her recognition as an actress.
David Letterman, a talk show host who has been prominent in late night talk for many years and positively accepted, gave her a notable interview. Rather than a less famous or online interview, the weight of the discussion was increased. Now looking at Jennifer Lawrence thriving  in her career more than ever, is more confident and bold. When viewing her interviews between her early acting and today, her knowingly now stable profession is evident and differentiates.
With social media being a leading way for information to be received, how an actor acts in all aspects is vital to their casting in the future. Interviews are often viewed through social media sources and can be used for promotion, diminishing negative attention, both fact and misconceptions; how an actor is offset is a large part of how the audience feels about them onset.

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