Monday, October 31, 2016


Does Willie Wonka send a bad message?

The childrens movie i decided to write my blog about was “WIlla Wonka and Charlie and the chocolate factory “I used to love Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the 1971 movie starring Gene Wilder. Before VCR's, DVD players, on-demand, and streaming video, sometimes you just had to wait for a movie to be broadcast on television. So there was a certain amount of anticipation. You couldn't just call up any movie you wanted on demand. And since, to my memory, Willy Wonka didn't air all that often, I would be overjoyed when it came on. Literally, I would rearrange my schedule or stop whatever I was doing to watch it. If I was channel surfing and I came across Willy Wonka, no matter how much of the movie I'd missed, time would stop. It's really hard now to articulate to people just how awesome it felt to realize something was on television that I hadn't seen in awhile. It felt like Christmas.To children who often long for the sweet taste of candy, the idea of visiting a factory like Willy Wonka's is the stuff of dreams. After all, every child fantasizes about a shopping spree in a candy store and eating candy until they puke. Candy is wonderful.
On the surface, it would seem that the moral of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is that good children are rewarded and bad children are punished. Roald Dahl's original story is a condemnation of many things including bad parenting, gum-chewing, television, spoiling children, over-eating, and self-indulgence.

Many people like the innocent fact of Willa Wonka and the fact that he’s trying to be nice and change people's life. But there is also some very bad things going on. Remember that scene where the world is introduced to Willy Wonka, and how he tricks everyone into believing he is a crippled man before doing a somersault and showing the world he is perfectly able-bodied? Maybe it was an innocent joke, or maybe he’s showing everyone that he cannot be trusted and that nothing is as it seems. Because when you look deeper underneath the surface, you’ll see that Willy Wonka is actually a child-hating serial killer who had planned the deaths of five innocent children from the very beginning, making the movie less of a family film and more akin to a Se7en-style serial killer flick. With children. Willa wonka also hates kids alot. He is also is a serial killer and slowly killing children with candy . This movie gives the image that it is okay to be crazy about candy and luxiours things can make you happy. Mr.Willa makes several hints in the movie about people not surviving . At the beginning of the movie he says i doubt any of us will make it out her alive.  This is probaly not for kids as he sends messages throughout the movie how he wants them to die . He always uses “peace and safety “ to justify slave labor . When the accidnet happens in movie nobody helps him.

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