Monday, October 31, 2016

Finding Nemo Hidden Messages Good or Bad?

Hannah Schraeger
Dr. Waggnor
Writing as an Inquiry
October 31 2016
Finding Nemo Hidden Messages Good or Bad?
Every kid loves Pixar movies, the stories are wonderfully crafted, the characters are unique and hilarious, and they always seem to be a box-office hit. Animated films are usually popular with children although many of them hold important messages that can benefit adults as well. Millions of people have watched Pixar films and many of the viewers include young children. While watching these films children are forming their opinions and understandings of the world. Pixar’s films are shaping a generations views on life and the messages are usually positive although sometimes they can be negative.
Everyone has probably seen the Pixar box-office hit Finding Nemo numerous times. The film is about a clownfish named Marlin who is separated from his son Nemo, on his first day of school. Marlin and Dory swim to Sydney Harbor to rescue Nemo from a dentists’ crazy niece who is holding him captive as a pet. This heartwarming hilarious film includes some positive as well as negative messages that may have influenced the viewers.
One of the more prominent positive messages throughout the film is to listen to your parents, they just want the best for you and to keep you safe. Marlin is a single dad who is very worried about his son although at times his protectiveness can be overbearing. Nemo rebelled against his father when he swam up and touched the boat although his father specifically told him not to. Nemo instantly gets snatched by a diver which could seem very scary to kids. This teaches kids that when you don’t listen to your parents there will be bad consequences. If Nemo would have listened to his dad, he could have avoided the situation and he would not have been kidnapped and taken away from his father. Finding Nemo is a reminder to kids that your parents only want to keep you safe and they want what’s best for you although at times it can seem like they are just not fun.
Along with the positive messages from the film there are some negative ones a viewer could take away as well. Dory, who is trying to help Marlin find Nemo suffers from short term memory loss. Her short term memory loss can be comical at times but it is also sad. At one point in the movie Marlin abandons Dory because she is “slowing him down.” The negative message that is portrayed during this scene is that it is ok to abandon someone. It is never ok to just leave someone especially if they are a friend trying to help you. Marlin also is rude to Dory because of her short term memory loss. Dory cannot do anything about her disability so it is especially mean for Marlin to leave her because she is helpless.
I believe that the positive message of this film outweighs the negative one. The positive message is more powerful to the audience because the whole story revolves around Nemo’s mistake of disobeying his father. This leaves a huge impact on kids because of the traumatizing journey Nemo undertook. The positive message also has a more powerful impact on the audience because it not only benefits the children watching it but benefits the parents as well. Children will be more inclined to listen to their parents which will make the parents happier. Overall this movie’s compelling storyline and amazing characters would leave a positive impact on kids in my opinion. The movie has some of the most important life lessons that any viewer can take away from watching it.


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