Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Jostyn Andrews Blog #3

Jostyn Andrews

            After watching the interview between Will Smith and Tracy Smith on CBS Sunday Morning about Will Smith Living beyond one’s Dream. I used CAPP Context, Audience, Purpose, and Point of View to analyze the rhetorical situation at hand.
 The context and things that prompted this interview where the Achievements, and awards that Will Smith had gained over his lifetime of being an actor. It was to show the obstacles and road bumps he went over to get where he is now.  How in the late 90s and early 2000s how Will Smith was arguably the best actor in the movie business. Will Smith goal where to be the biggest movie star in the whole world. To clarify his statement Will Smith says “Being realistic is the most commonly traveling road to mediocrity.  To add to his successes 1996 Independence Day made over a quarter of a billion dollars. He is the only actor ever to start in 8 number one films.
            I believe that the audience is mostly directed towards Will smith fans base because how it is praising him and giving him so much glory about his past success that he has gained. The interview doesn’t differ from the targeted audience personally I don’t think that there was a targeted audience in the first place. If anything like I stated early he was being interviewed because of his current successes. I would say that it is being watched in informative factor like if you didn’t know much about Will Smith in the movie business or, in an interest type of way.
            I feel like the purpose, the main take away or main idea of the interview would Will smith living beyond one’s dream. The goal of the interview like I have stated many times would be bringing to eye site all accolades that Will Smith has received in his time of making movies and being an actor. How pronounced in the interview he is the best actor of all time in most people eyes.
            I feel like the interviewer helped shaped my perception or point of view on will smith as a hardworking man with many goals in live and actually achieving those goals. It helped in way to inform me how talented Will Smith was. How in 1990 will starred in a popular TV series Fresh Prince of Bel-Air without any prior acting experience beforehand. I think that she wanted to portray Will  As the man that he is now and the man that everyone know his, And for people that didn’t know about a Will Smith how good of a man and, actor or dad and husband he really was.  I would say Before the interview and after I still have the same views about Will Smith. The interviewer didn’t have a twist on my mind about him as an actor, man or, person. Although many interviewers can change your perception about a person whether good or bad This interviewer did not.
            In conclusion the CAPP test did help me analyize the interview in a better way it helped me actually listen to the conversation at hand between Will and The interviewer it build better overall understanding.


  1. You are so correct. The Capp test helped me analyze the interview in a different perepctive.

  2. You are so correct. The Capp test helped me analyze the interview in a different perepctive.

  3. You are so correct. The Capp test helped me analyze the interview in a different perepctive.

  4. Great blog and I agree about how the sole purpose of the interview was to acknowledge all of the accolades that Will Smith has received and how it wasn't the easiest road to get there either.