Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Avery Arellano - The Revenant Interveiw

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The interview I am deciding to watch is with Leonardo Dicaprio over the movie he starred, The Revenant. The movie is about a man named Hugh Glass, Leonardo's character, who is on a quest for revenge, but on this quest, who endures multiple life threatening obstacles that leaves him literally crawling to survive. ScreenSlam is a channel on youtube who is promoting this video because almost everyone in this generation uses Youtube to watch most videos.  At the time, when this movie first came out it received only positive feedback, awing the audience with the spectacular performance from Leo, so one could say that the social aspect of this interview was that everyone wanted to know how Leo did the movie. As for the audience, I believe that this interview did not really target one specific type of audience, but just the people who saw the movie and enjoyed it would most likely be the viewers of this interview. I feel as if people, including myself, watched this interview to get details from Leonardo's side and get to understand why he did the movie and the challenges he faced while filming. The main take-away from this interview was really Leonardo answering questions about how this movie compares to the rest of the films he has starred in, and the obstacles he faced while filming the movie. Also, he mentions that he wanted to be starred in this movie because he wanted to reach a climax in his acting career, and he thought that this was the perfect opportunity to do that. The film itself too over 2 years to make, and he states that “ It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my whole life, but I would not take any second of it back.” So, the overall goal of the video was to bring awareness as to how much hard work and dedication it took to make this film, and to also show how dedicated Leonardo was to this movie. This interview really opens up a new side of Leonardo from my perspective, and it also lets me how far he is willing to go for his job. I now know that he really loves what he does, and that he is just not in the industry for the fame and money, but he's in the industry because it's his passion and he really loves it. In some interviews, you can tell that the actors are really not into the questions or are annoyed by the interview itself, but in this particular interview, Leonardo seems to be enjoying the questions and answering them with a proud tone and is actually into it. So, I think he wanted to portray that he is proud of this film and what he has accomplished by starring in this movie. After seeing this film and watching the interview, I have become a huge fan of his work because now I fully understand how much hard work and dedication it too to create this amazing film.

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  1. I agree, The CAPP for this interview truly allows the viewer to understand the long and hard hours of work DiCaprio had to endure for the film to be what it was. I think the film is of much importance to him because it is the one to finally earn him an Oscar.