Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Always Blunt and Sassy Jennifer Lawrence
      I choose to look at interviews on Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favorite actresses because of her witty attitude and she doesn’t want young girls to starve themselves and see her for her body/looks. In every interview I watched, Jennifer always had something sassy or sarcastic to say, and she talked about the importance of girls not tearing other girls down. The specific interview I choose to write about is the one with Robin Williams, right after the premiere of her movie, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, came out. The context of this interview was right after the movie came out in 2013. Some major events occurred in 2013, such as the Boston marathon bombings, Obama inaugurated for his second term, and major movies like The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street were released. I wouldn’t necessarily say that there was a huge culture revolution at the time of the interview, but I mostly picked it because Jennifer Lawrence makes some really good points and shows off pieces of her personality well. 
     The Audience most likely watching this interview would be people who loved The Hunger Games and were excited for the new release. Jennifer Lawrence targets a specific crowd of teenage girls because she is a pretty, successful female. In the interview Jennifer talks a little bit about how mean girls can be and that she will never go that low: “It’s become funny to make fun of each other and I also don’t like women slaughtering women and all of us being so mean, and we’re so responsible for this younger generation, this media, and its what kids are watching and that’s teaching people how to talk to each other and how to relate to each other…it’s like we grow up and then get right back into high school.” This comment is very thematic in all of Jennifer Lawrence’s interviews and that’s a reason why I chose her; she’s so modest in her beauty and focuses a lot on teaching girls to uplift each other. 
     I would say the main purpose of the video is to showcase Jennifer’s personality and what she stands for more than anything. The interview didn’t have too much to do with questions about the movie it was mostly revolved around looks and what young viewers were talking about at the time, such as her body in a red carpet dress that exposed her thighs, and she does a great job of diverting the attention to a much bigger cause. The interview really shows her quirky personality as well and throws in jokes like “if the dress were on anyone else I would like it.” I always knew Jennifer Lawrence had strong values and this interview has only strengthened that perception of her. I think she’s a really great actress who’s honest with the media which is really important. For example, at the beginning of the interview she flat out told Robin Williams that she thought she would only enjoy the first The Hunger Games movie and that she would be bored with the rest, but ended up loving each one. I think its actresses that are brutally honest and open about themselves and how certain things make them feel that are the best ones; she definitely doesn’t put on a fake front. Robin Williams asks her light hearted questions and I think she also wanted to show Jennifer’s playful side and for it to be a fun interview. She could’ve gone about it by grilling Jennifer with questions on the movie but instead she focused on how Jennifer was feeling and events, like the red carpet premiere of the movie, that occurred outside just the filming itself.

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