Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blake Lively Interview

I watched a 2016 interview with Blake Lively on Live with Kelly. This interview was prompted because Blake Lively is just starred in a new movie called “Shallows” where she was in a swim suit most of the movie and it was filmed just ten weeks after her first baby. Now Blake Lively is pregnant again with her second child and she is starring in another movie directed by Woody Allen called “Cafe Society.” The audience is mostly fans of Blake Lively and fans of the show. Blake Lively’s parents were also in the audience. This does not differ from the target audience because they are targeting fans of Blake and fans of her recent movies that are out. The goal of this interview is to inform the audience of Blake Lively’s recent movies as well as to praise Blake on her hard work and dedication after being pregnant and having a new born child. The main take away is also to inform the audience of her success. Blake talked about how hard it was to act the part she played in the Shallows. She said it was a lot of exercise because she was in the water most of the time and swimming because they did not hire a stunt double. Blake explained how hard it was to also get in shape that quickly after having a child. She said that she had a trainer that kicked her butt and she cut out carbs and soy of her diet so she would look good in a swimsuit during the movie. She also talked about how she had to audition for the Woody Allen movie called “Cafe Society” and that is was really difficult. Blake said she showed up at the audition with no background or information about the movie and was given a script once she got there. She said she had to read through the script in front of Woody Allen. Once she got a role in that movie she said she loved being in a movie written and directed by him. She says that the movie is very well written and is beautifully done and that everyone should go see it. The interviewer helps shape my perspective of Blake Lively because they continuously praise her. Blake would be portrayed wonderfully by the audience she is very personable and happy in this interview. She also makes the audience laugh and makes you feel comfortable. In the beginning of the interview she points out her parents in a crowd and says hi to them which is very cool. Blake also seems very down to earth in the interview and makes her very well liked. I think she wanted to be portrayed as very personable and likable to the audience because she wants to be popular and she wants the audience to see her movies and understand the hard work that was put into them. This interview does not change the way I view Blake Lively, I have always liked her and been a huge fan of her work. This interview just highlights how amazing of a person she is which makes me like her even more. 

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