Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Tom Cruise

Jack Gannon
Dr. Jackson
Writing as Inquiry
11 October 2016
Blog #3 Tom Cruise Interview

Tom Cruise’s incredible stunt he performed in Mission Impossible Rogue Nation prompted his interview with Jimmy Fallon. Being strapped to the side of a moving Aircraft is something an actor has never done, but Tom Cruise opted to be strapped to the side of an Airbus A400 cargo plane to film the scene from the angle he wanted it to be. Just like how any talk show host wants to discuss new cool events in Hollywood; Jimmy Fallon jumped at the opportunity to have Tom on the show. The climate of society was very exciting at the time of this interview from the hype of Tom’s new movie which also extended into his wild stunt. The audience of this show is most likely going to be fans of the Tonight Show as well as fans of Tom Cruise. Typically, the people who are avid fans of the Tonight Show will be tuning in, but as well as many fans of Tom. If there was prior knowledge about a Tom Cruise appearance, then more of his fans will tune in to see what he has to say. The target audience, in this case, is most likely not going to differ because at this point Jimmy Fallon already has enough fans of his show. He isn’t directing it at one particular group; however, avid moviegoers who like to see new crazy stunts will be compelled to watch this film. People are watching this interview as a casual talk between Tom Cruise and Jimmy Fallow that will stir the quite occasional laugh as well as an information session to how the stunt happened. The main takeaway from this interview are that although Tom Cruise is old, he can still perform some unbelievable stunts and is in it entertain us. He’s not the actor who is just going to keep rolling through movie after movie without a purpose. He’s truly in it for our entertainment. During this interview, Jimmy Fallon is trying to elevate Tom as much as possible by praising him for his stunts and making his new film sound like something that is a gift from the gods. There’s nothing wrong with this but Jimmy is trying to make us perceive Tom as a huge superstar that performs unbelievable stunts. This wicked person is likely how Tom wanted to be portrayed by the audience since he was coming out with a new film at the time. The more Jimmy hypes him and the film the more likely it is that people will go and watch it. I have always viewed Tom as the guy that lives on the edge and is always eager for more, but never have I thought of him as this huge stunt junky star that Jimmy portrays him to be.

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