Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Trey Morris 10/12/2016

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  I chose to analyze an interview that featured Zac Efron with Kelly May from earlier this year. The interview was prompted as an advertising opportunity for Zac to promote his new movie, Neighbors 2 Sorority Rising, while also talking about his preparation for another movie he will be staring in with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Bay Watch. The cultural climate within society at the time of this interview was fairly neutral considering that there had been plenty of time between the Grammys and this interview. A lot of the emotions that could have still been around if this interview were in late February had died down. The environment in the studio that the interview was held was very welcoming to Zac Efron; granted the crowd looked to be made up of mostly young women who fantasize about the young film star. Being said, the audience in the studio most likely reflects the audience watching at home on TV or online at a later date. This comes as no surprise and the interview des just as it was trying to and that is to catch the attention of young females and get them to go see the new Zac Efron movie, Neighbors 2 Sorority Rising. The interview did a good job of portraying Zac Efron as a young hot start by discussing his workout routines with Dwayne Johnson and even going as far as to show a picture of Zac shirtless lifting a tire. They were doing this to create a sex appeal of Zac and hopefully increase the audience even more than may have already been done by just talking about the young film star. This interview was presented live on screens and also had a large live audience in attendance. The two hosts have had multiple interviews with Zac before and continuously have a large audience in their studio to view Mr. Efron. The main takeaway of this interview was promoting Neighbors 2 Sorority Rising and try to create a buzz around Zac’s new physique due to his new workout regimen. Zac states that he will be shirtless and drenched by an oily substance, although this may sound gross, it will have an appeal to viewers. Zac Efron’s name being on the movie poster alone may be enough for some audience members to go see the new film but to some it is not enough and that is why they do this sort of sex appeal promotion of Zac’s ‘new’ body. The interviewer also contributes to this picture of the star by stating that he has recently been in “extra, magnificent, perfect, incredible shape” and goes on to bring up photos taken of Zac while he was in the middle of a workout. This shapes the view of actor by putting a preconceived vision of the actor in the audience’s mind even before hearing Zac saying anything in the interview. I think that Zac knew exactly how he was going to be portrayed to the audience before the interview and I believe that’s exactly what he was going for. Although there was a lot of talk about his physical build in the interview, my views toward him have remained unaffected. 

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  1. I think this is an interesting interview that sums up Hollywood and its ways of shaping actors. It shows that the wants of Hollywood will be met by actors if there is a clear benefit for the actor in doing so.