Monday, October 31, 2016

Jostyn Andrews Blog 4

Shark Tales the Positive and Negative
            Shark Tales is a movie about a fish by the name of Oscar that had a hard time with his self-esteem. He works at the wale wash on the south-side part of the ocean. Where his dad for many years in a row was voted the top wale washer in the land. Oscar finds himself in a big whole when he’s gambling problem gets a hold of him and he owes his boss over five thousand clam shells. “In fish world clam shells are money”. When Oscar wasn’t able to pay up the clam shells he was sent to the deep reef with the sharks. When the shark approached Oscar while he was tied to a string at the sea bottom. An anchor fell from the top of the ocean sea knocking out and killing the shark. When the jellyfish hit men that tied Oscar up came back to the scene to see that the shark was dead they asked Oscar what happened and without hesitating he said that he slayed the shark. The big lie spread across the whole ocean floor and eventually gets back to the shark’s brother Lenny. Lenny has his own problem himself he is not a regular shark. Lenny is vegetarian shark which means he doesn’t like eating fish like his older brothers. Lenny feels that he’s farther doesn’t want him anymore because of him not being the blood sensing shark that his brother once was. Lenny decides to go on with the lie with Oscar so he can just disappear and so Oscar can live the lavish life he always wanted. When Oscar became too famous and the Top dog shark found out who he was and was going to send a hit out on Oscar. Oscar feels that the lie is getting too deep to handle so he takes it into his own hands to dissolve the problem.
            There are many positive messages being said and done in this film. One that stands out is at the end of the movie the top dog shark or daddy shark realizes how much he loves his son and how he accepts him being himself. This I feel is the main message of the movie because Oscar also has a problem realizing who he really is, and that he doesn’t have to lie about certain things to make his life better all Oscar had to do was be himself and the happy life that he wanted was right there in front of him. Instead of trying to be someone that you’re not be yourself you will always find yourself in a better situation than before.
            On the other hand a negative message caught my eye while watching the movie when Oscar decide to lie about the killing the shark in the first place to make himself look better. Oscar goes around the whole underwater city and tells his made up story. Having the other fish put him on fish Tv or news, having his name all over billboards and other commercials. It made me have a negative feeling about how he carried himself and how so many of the other fish put there trust in him to defend them from the sharks. This issue of Oscar lying was such a negative influence to kids was manly because it blew up so quick it showed young ones that it was easy to tell one lie and have people believe you so much that even you thought it was real.

            As I watched this film for the second time and really got to understand it. Things became more clear as I listen to the words and the how they were used in the script. Although it was a fictional film it still showed positive and negative things that could easily stir young ones in one of those directions.

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