Monday, October 31, 2016

Jaylen Fisher

Blog 4

            Are We There Yet? Is a family comedy film. Ice Cube is the protagonist of this film. He plays a child-hating bastard with an expensive SUV. At the beginning of the movie he sees the woman of his dreams but is bummed out about that she has two kids. The children do not realize that Ice Cube, Nick, is interested in their mother. The kids are determined to have their mom and dad reconcile. When the kids get to their dad’s house, the kids finds out that their dad has moved on and has a new family. The kids come to the conclusion that Ice Cube, Nick is not so bad. His character shares with the kids that he did not have a farther growing up either and knows how it feels. During the trip they have a lot of problems along the way but it only made their relationship stronger.

            The positive message in this movie Are We There Yet? is that a blended family can work. The message is somewhat implied by Nick’s actions. For example, Ice Cube rescues the son from an asthma attack to show that he cares. Another example is that Ice Cube takes his task to get the kids to their mom very seriously. He first tried getting the kids to the airport, and when that didn’t work he tried the train, and finally resorted in driving them in his expensive SUV. The kids threw up, spilled juice, and drove it away and even set his prized possession on fire. He warmed up to the idea that the kids were not so bad after all and even grew to love them. Ice Cube at some point saw where they could be a blended family.

            The negative message in this movie was the divorce between the mother and farther. There is no winner in a divorce and the kids fall out over the divorce. The kids really wanted their mom to get back together with their dad. They would do anything in their power to keep their mom from dating any man. They would even consider sabotaging a relationship if she were to get into one. The negative effect of divorce was especially seen with the father. When the kids got to their father’s house they felt betrayed and abandoned because he had started a new family with his new wife.    

            In this movie the positives definitely outweigh the negatives. The negatives lead into the positives. The divorce was necessary in order for Ice Cube, Nick to get closer to the kids and the mom. Ice Cube knew what the kids were feeling when they saw their dad with another family and wife. Ice Cube was able to use that as a connection with the kids because he also knew what it felt like not to have a farther in his life. This is an important message for kids to also believe in blended families. Another important message for kids that haven’t had a farther growing up is to show them that they’re not the failures and they’re not the ones missing out.



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