Monday, October 31, 2016

What We See and Don't See

What We See and Don't See

         The Lion King, a childhood favorite presented by Walt Disney Pictures, is filled with symbolism that might be hard for children to detect, but is far more evident to an older crowd. This movie includes examples of messages that could be considered positive and negative to children. The negative message I am going to focus on that I believe children would definitely not pick up on, but would be considered a undesirable message to teach children. The song in the movie “The Madness of Scar” is all about Scar’s attraction to Nala and how he’ll mate with her whether she agrees or not. The song begins with Scar singing about how he is disliked by most in the community, and he decides that what will determine his happiness is a girl. Scar believes he is dead without a queen, and that is when Nala enters. He comments on how perfect her timing is and then precedes to say one way or another that she will be his. He disregards her opinion for he believes she belongs all to him. Instead of Scar approaching the situation with the mindset of I want her to be mine, he instead claims that she has to be his. Although this is reading deeply into the situation, it is not something that should be taught to children. Just because Scar might want Nala, does not mean he deserves her or will be able to have her. He supposes that since she is the only thing he wants that is solely what matters and she will in fact be his. Nala even asks if Scar is listening to her because he seems to be completely ignoring what she is saying. He continues to talk about how she will be his even with her disapproval. This message could be degrading to women and sends the message that our opinion is useless to men. This is far from something we want to teach children, for we should be empowering children to have power to say no if they are in an undesirable situation. Contrary to this message, The Lion King is also filled with positive messages that are beneficial to children. “Hakuna Matata” is one of the most important life lessons one could endure during their lifetime. Timon and Pumba teach Simba to stay away from worries and replace them with optimism, joy, and love. Timon and Pumba instill in Simba that worries empty our strength and place a barrier on the face of happiness. This is such a vital life lesson because often people let their worries determine their happiness and rule their life. Hakuna Matata is a famous lesson sourced from The Lion King that is known by many. Overall, I believe the positive messages in The Lion King far outweigh the bad messages. Overall, I had trouble thinking of negative messages within the movie, but could immediately think of all the things it taught me as a child. I think the positive messages within this movie are far more powerful than the negative messages, and should continue to stay a childhood favorite.

"The Madness of Scar" Song


Zazu, why am I not loved?
I am that rare and awesome thing
I'm every inch a king
Yet I feel a twinge of doubt
As I go walk about
Is this talk of love or regicide?
Please tell me I'm adored
stinkin' entres!
Day after day it gnaws at the very core of my being
down and scoot
buzzards for your next bite!
But how about some lunch?
It doesn't matter if it's fresh
I need a fix of flesh
My bones have moved to where they've never been
They are on the outside looking in
Oh, you are so adored
Of wildebeest kielbasa
Or maybe hornbill on the spit...
There he is!
No! There he is!
And there!
I'm better than Mufasa was
I'm revered
I am reviled
I'm idolized
I am despised
I'm keeping calm
I'm going wild!
Yes I am, no you're not
Yes I am, no you're not
I tell myself I'm fine
Yes I am
No you're not
Yes, no, yes, no, who am I talking to...?
What did my brother have that I don't have?
descendants, no future. With a queen, I'll have cubs... Immortality will
be mine! Immortality will be mine!
It's written in the stars
Oh, Nala... you know how I loathe violence... One way or another, you will
be mine
You all belong to me

Hey, boss!
When my name is whispered through the pride
Reggie who?
Tell me I'm adored
Hey, boss!
Oh, what is it?
We got a bone to pick with you
There's no food, no water--
Yeah. It's dinnertime, and there ain't no
Oh, you and your petty complaints. You don't know what real hunger is.
I had that once. It was worms
No, no, no... it's like an itch... deep, persistent, profound...
That's it-- worms! When they get really bad all you gotta do is... hunker
Thanks for the tip. Ingrates! If it weren't for me you'd be beating off
Yeah, you're our savior, thanks a bunch
Are you blaming me?
Oh no, it's the lionesses
You are so adored
That's more like it
But what I'd give for one more hit
Oh, how I miss Mufasa
Mufasa?! Mufasa?! How dare you! I told you never to mention that name!
Note taken. I shall never mention "M-m-m" again
Even in death, his shadow looms over me
Calm yourself, Sire, or you'll get another one of your splitting
I am perfectly fine!
I tell myself I'm fine
No you're not, yes I am, no you're not
Oh, pull yourself together, Sire!
Oh, very well. Zazu? Zazu, Zazu, Zazu...?
Yes, Sire?
Nobody loved me, there's the rub, not even as a cub
Do you want the short list or the long?
Well, he had adoring subjects... a loving family... a devoted queen...
That's it! I need a queen!
A what?
A queen, man! A queen! Without a queen, what am I? A dead end, no line, no
Ah, Nala... Your timing couldn't have been more perfect. My how you've
Scar, you have got to do something. We're being forced to overhunt
She's got those assets feminine
You're the king. Control the hyenas
I have to make her mine
You're destroying the Pridelands
Nobility in every gene
If we don't stop now.. Don't you see...
She has to be my queen
...there's still a chance for things to be all right again...
Come, sweet Nala
What are you doing? Are you listening to me?
We'll create a host of little Scars
What are you talking about?
Tell me I'm adored
Get away from me
Tell me I'm adored
Never, Scar. Never!
You belong to me
You all belong to me

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  1. I agree with Grace. I did not look at the film that way, though then it can be argued that it was then not detrimental to that of the younger audience. There is a strong sense of partnership and reliance on the other sex. This can be though as sexist and that the human eye is only attracted to perfection. I think that this is the most important point and that Grace was correct.