Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Will Ferrell (and Kevin Hart)
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Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart were interviewed on Good Morning America. The interview was conducted in order to bring attention to their new movie "Get Hard." The movie is about a wealthy hedge fund manager (played by Will Ferrell) who is convicted of fraud and is sent to prison. Once he is convicted, he hires Darnell (Kevin Hart), his car washer, to give him tips on how to survive prison. Basically, Will Ferrell assumes Kevin's character has been to prison just based on his color. At the same time, it shows that Will Ferrell's character can't be tough or be a "man" since he is rich and white. As the interview goes on, Will Ferrell talks about how his character realizes that his assumption was incorrect about Kevin Hart's character and vice versa. Will Ferrell said, "racial harmony ensues," meaning that the characters are brought closer together by realizing that their stereotypes are false. This deeper meaning provides a moral reason to watch the film and that gives audience members a reason to go see the film. Since Good Morning America airs in the morning and their audiences are typically working individuals, their audience is comprised of adults. This audience is also the target audience of the movie. "Get Hard" is not regarded as a family film due to its rating. Since it is rated R, the target audience is anyone over the age of 18.Aside from hitting their target audience, the film also want to give them reason to go see the movie.The main purpose of the interview was to provide reasons to see the film. The interview focused on the comedic side of the movie. The main take-away of the interview was that the movie had to be funny since both of America's most famous comedians are starring in it. The interview's main idea was to point out their comedic genius by showing funny clips of the movie, funny pictures of both actors, and having a funny dialogue between the actors. The interview achieved goal by illustrating how funny the actors are and how funny the movie is due to the audience's reaction. In the background you can hear laughter coming from the audience.  As the interview went on, it was quite obvious that the interviewer wanted to show viewers how funny Kevin and Will are. Kevin and Will wanted the audience the audience to find them funny and laugh at them, because the movie was a comedy. No one wants to see a comedy where the star actor acts like he has a stick up his butt. They want to see an actor or actress that are relaxed yet composed and at the same time witty and enjoyable. That is exactly how Kevin and Will portrayed themselves. I have always seen these two actors as comedians and nothing more. Will is always the goofy one and Kevin is always the hyper active one. Every film that I have watched, that have either starred Will Ferrell or Kevin Hart, were comedies and both of them provided the movies with the comedic content, and they were the ones that made the audience laugh

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