Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Selena Gomez

 Selena Gomez began her career at a young age when we she began starring on “Barney and Friends” when she was only seven years old. Later on she began landing smaller roles in low budget films, and eventually landed her own show, Wizards of Waverly Place” on Disney channel. Since then, not only has she landed many roles in films and guest appearances on screen, but her music career also progressed after her new album “Revival” was so successful. Selena is constantly in the spotlight; she currently has the largest amount of Instagram followers. In addition, she is always dealing with new rumors coming up regarding her health, and the press still questions her about her previous relationship with Justin Bieber that ended a few years ago. However, Selena seems to keep a good head on her shoulders and not given in to the pressures that come her success.
      In an interview in July, Selena sat down with Ellen and discussed the truth about her personal life versus what is portrayed through the press. She was diagnosed with Lupus and had to go through Chemotherapy, so she had to take time off her career. Many people said she was actually getting help for substance abuse, but in the interview Selena talked about how hard the process was on her and how hurtful it was for people to make up rumors like that while she was dealing with a legitimate illness. She gained weight while she recovering, and while she was on vacation the paparazzi took a picture of her and described her as “fat” and said her “life was a mess.” She told Ellen it was the first time she had ever been called fat and the day after the picture was released she posted a picture in her bathing suit standing up to the paparazzi and talked about how she was confident with her body no matter what. Selena was also in the process of releasing her newest album, “Revival,” so Ellen questioned her about the meaning behind some of the lyrics and what her message was for this album. Selena briefly described it as her way of regaining strength after such hard times, both mentally and physically.
      The intended audience for this interview is most likely fans of Selena Gomez and the people who were making false accusations about her personal life. I think this was mostly targeted to prove the paparazzi and gossip magazines wrong. However, I think this interview was mostly watched by her fans, which are usually young girls and teens.
      I think the purpose of this interview was to prove that regardless of what gossip is spread about her, she was proving she is still a good role model and doesn’t let the pressures of being in the spot light get to her. In fact, she proved that’s it’s okay to take time off your career, because she came back stronger than ever.
Ellen was very honest when she was interviewing. She didn’t hold back on asking Selena how she felt when she was called fat, but she was harsh. I can tell she is a fan of Selena and just wanted the audience to see how strong and confident Selena really is.

In the past I always thought of Selena as just being an average Disney star that became more successful over time, but I did not realize how strong she actually was, and all of the hardships she dealt with even when there is so much negativity being said about her.

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  1. I chose Selena Gomez as my actress as well! I enjoyed reading your take on what her interview with Ellen Degenres meant. I agree that she was probably targeting the false accusations about her personal life. Great job!