Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blog 3- Ava Drysch

Blog 3- Interview with Sandra Bullock 

Most interviews today concern movies, TV shows, or current social problems today. The interviews are usually between a famous celebrity or star in the eyes of social media. For my third blog, I chose an interview with my all time favorite actress. She has starred in films for decades such as The Blind Side, Miss. Congeniality, and Gravity and has also won a best actress Academy Award and Golden Globe for her performanceBullock is a widely known role-model and aspiring woman in today's industry; she sets a very good example for all. I chose Sandra Bullock because of her flawless reputation and her un-biased outlook on today's social problems. This interview was conducted to show a famous female actress's outlook on how women are treated in today's society. Bullock comes off as very educated and wise. She definitely knows what she is talking about and it very familiar with the way women feel. The American culture is declining, it is spiraling inwards losing all respect and decency for women today 
I chose an interview regarding social media and its relation to women. In today's media, the most important factor to look for in a woman is physical appearance. I believe this interview is intended for al people to watch and to learn from, but I assume mostly women pay attention to it. Watching this interview truly is a lesson for all. Bullock really opens up and describes both sides and shows the victimization and harm today. Bullock refers to this attack on women as "Open Hunting Season". In the interview, one of the most brought up topics is bullying. Bullying is starting at a younger and younger age in girls. Bullock mentions that she is embarrassed to be raising a child in a world that functions this way. The internet and the media are only becoming a stronger force against the feminine population. They criticize women on their age, weight, height, skin, what they wear, and every other little factor. They pick women apart like a hawk. It is hard to step out into the sunlight without being ashamed of their flaws. 
However, Bullock mentions that there is some good to come of this. She believes women have "bonded together and have... become this tribe... trying to take care of each other and be there for each other". The love between women has grown stronger as the media's criticisms have. There needs to be a strong enough force to put a stop to this. The outcome of this social problem is harming both women and girls; the whole female population. This new part of American culture constructs such negative energy. This negative energy just continues to build because more people join the fight against women, but for what reason? Why can advertisements "slut-shame" and contain sexual content, but real life women cant express themselves freely? It is almost as if the media is portraying that if you are not a beautiful woman with clear skin, straight teeth, salon-done hair, and a thigh-gap, then you are nothing. 
These harmful messages projected at women occur all over the world all the time. The world needs someone to rise up and put a halt to this situation. We are all people, we aren't perfect, we all need to take care of each other. Putting people down, especially women, and mothers, and little girls is not and will never be ok. Sandra Bullock really picked apart the industry and showed the truth and the hurt that women are feeling. Women are so harshly treated compared to men, and there is no reason to why. Women are not inferior to men in any way, so we should not be treated as though we are. This message needs to be spread all over so that a change can occur. Women expect better, and we will receive better. The media strips women of their dignity and respect and causes so many people to shun women and insult each an every one. It is clear there is much to take away from this interview, but the main focus is evident; it is hard to live as a woman today and it's time to put a stop to it. 

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  1. I chose Sandra Bullock as well. She is one of my favorite actress who can do just about every kind of movie. I agree with you and Bullock. I feel like Sandra Bullock is popular enough that she can really have an impact of this situation.