Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Melissa McCarthy

            I watched an interview on Melissa McCarthy, the interview was in the 2014 not long after her movie Tammy came out that she co-wrote with her husband.  What prompted this interview was her “Tears to Triumph”.  Our society is continuing to grow and people look up to famous people for confidence and that’s what this interview was about.  I think teenage girls would be the biggest audience watching the interview, because she talks about confidence and body image which relates mostly to teenage girls.  Not that this interview is exclusive to just teenage girls, because Melissa has a huge male audience as well.  I don’t think this necessarily differs a lot from the target audience, maybe just a little.  The audience for most Melissa McCarthy movies are teenagers, male and female and also adults.  But, for this video I think that the audience would be more teenagers and female adults.  In this interview Melissa talks about her biggest struggles that she faced in her twenties.  Mainly being her weight and he looks, she said she often wondered why she wasn’t skinnier or prettier like some other actresses. Her struggles went as far as crying over why her hair didn’t grow faster or why she didn’t have a different pair of shoes.  But she discovered that those materialistic things dot matter in life, that we don’t need them to survive and thrive in life.  She talked about through her supportive family, loving husband and success in the industry she gained confidence.  The point of this interview was to show that everyone struggles with insecurities, someone will always be better or prettier than you but never lose confidence in yourself because you are your biggest cheerleader and worst critic.  She also said that she does anything for a laugh and that she wants her two daughters to value happiness and laughter more than looks.  I already saw Melissa McCarthy as a funny, down to earth person who didn’t care what others thought of her so the interview just reassured what I already thought about her.  It didn’t make me realize that even Melissa who seems like someone who is so confident and secure with herself struggles with insecurities just like the rest of us.  In this interview I think she wanted to be viewed as someone who has had insecurities with herself but has overcome them with the love and support of loved ones.  Also she wants to be a voice and a role model for teenage girls and she does exactly that.  I myself look up to my favorite actors and actresses and it’s so hard not to compare myself to them.  For example, why don’t I look like Blake lively or have her body?  Melissa shows that it’s okay to look different because looks aren’t everything.  After I watched the interview my view of Melissa does not change at all, I viewed her the same before.  It definitely gave me a confidence in myself and I now have even more respect for Melissa McCarthy.

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