Sunday, October 30, 2016

Does Beauty and the Beast support abusive relationships?


            Children’s films always have a message or a moral lesson at the end of the film. These messages help to teach young children very important values; however, sometimes these films have plotlines that can accidently portray negative messages to children. Although this is accidental and not on purpose, it can be very dangerous for children to become familiar with such negative themes in movies that they watch regularly. Children typically pay attention to every detail and word of the film; most kids can even recite lines of their favorite animated film. Therefore, it is important that these films that so heavily influence children are portraying positive messages that will help them be successful in life. A great example of how a movie can accidentally portray negative messages for children can be found in Beauty and the Beast. Although there is an obvious positive message in the film, there is also a potentially dangerous message that children may be influenced by.
            Beauty and The Beast can help children learn a very important lesson. Even though the beast is rude and aggressive with Belle, she continues to show kindness to him. For example, when the beast and Belle are fighting about who was in the wrong for Belle almost being attacked by a pack of wolves, she does not hold onto her anger even though the beast yells at her. She immediately thanks him and shows gratitude for his help. Also, she helps take care of his injuries. This is a great message for children because often it is hard for children to overcome their anger at someone and be a bigger person.
            Although Beauty and the Beast gives a positive message to children, this message could also be potential dangerous. It is a good lesson to always be the bigger person and to be kind to those who have wronged you; however, it is not a good lesson to fall in love with someone who has abused you. The beast shows multiple sign of abusing Belle. For example, when she refuses to come out of her room, the beast threatens to be violent and break down her door. This could potentially make young girls think that it is okay to fall in love with someone who resorts to violence when he does not get his way. In addition, he also threatens to starve Belle which shows physical abuse. Many parents or movie critics may find this message to be so negative  that children should not watch the film at all.
            Overall, I do not think this message is detrimental to children. In many circumstances, when the beast is being rude or violent towards Belle, the inanimate objects that are personified, like Cogsworth and Lumière, tell the beast how to act appropriately which tells children how they should behave as well. Also, there are many times when Belle stands up for herself and tells the beast to treat her better and be kinder towards her which is a great example of how to be strong and assertive. In the end, Belle is a great enough example of how to react to those who treat you poorly, that young children will not get the impression that she falls in love with an abusive and dangerous person.

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  1. I agree with you 100 percent. The scene where the beast threatens to beat her if she doesnt come out is a very bad message to kids .