Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blog 3

Blog 3: Robert Downey Jr. Interview.
         Robert Downey Jr., known for the role of Iron Man, is the biggest actor in Hollywood (according to him). This interview took place closely after “Captain America: Civil War” was released.
          The context of the interview is pretty clear: After the success of “Captain America: Civil War”, Robert participated in the interview as one of the biggest stars of the blockbuster. The interview took place in June 6, which is 1 month after the release of the movie, and the film is one of the most hotly discussed topic at that time. These conditions explained the interview reasonably.
            The audience is clearly targeted during the interview: Marvel’s fans, or broader: Movie fans. Robert is the highest – earning actor in 2015 (Forbes), which makes him unbelievably famous. This fact helps the interview to reach a wider range of audience, not just Marvel’s fans.
Moreover, this interviews mentioned a lot about the acting career of Robert, not just in the role of Iron Man, creating a chance for movie lovers to know more about this super talented actor (he is also known for the acting of Sherlock Holmes, which is also incredibly successful)

             The interview, in my opinion, reached a wide range of topic instead of mentioning repeatedly about “Captain America: Civil War” like we normally expected. The title: “Robert Downey Jr. on His Hero's Journey” indicates the main idea of the interview, which is about the “journey” of Robert to success, not just at a certain time. The interview started with the reference to the role of Robert in a movie back in 1990s, and then mentioned the difficulties in Robert’s career until 2007, when he got his role in Iron Man, magically changed his life forever. The interviews went on with some pretty good questions about Robert’s insight in the role of Iron Man, and closed with the question referring to the most recent blockbuster: “Captain America: Civil War”. The interview as a whole conveys not only Robert’s thought about Iron Man, but also the special personality of Robert, which is identical to the one we saw in the movie as Iron Man. We can see that, through the journey of the hero, Robert has done an excellent job by applying in his own personality in the role of Iron Man, making him the absolute value in each film with the present of Iron Man.

              Robert Downey Jr. is known to be somewhat overly confident, or even arrogant, and it was portrayed clearly in this interview:

“Interview: And a decade later, you’re arguably the biggest movie star in the world.

Robert: “Arguably”? Are you kidding me? Who’s bigger? Taller, maybe. But bigger! (Laughs) Look, Hollywood’s been very, very good to me. Some days it’s Palm Springs, and some days it pisses rain on me, but it’s still pretty good.”

                      This is the perfect portrait of Robert’s personality, which amazingly suits the role of Iron Man in the comic book. He is a very special actor: polite, gentle but arrogant and egocentric. He always shows his true colors to his audience, and it was well-crafted in this interview. In my opinion, I never expect a humble Robert, simply because “humble” is not the word to describe him. His arrogance, pride and self-esteem all contributes in the amazingly iconic role of Iron Man.
           I respect Robert not only because he is successful, but also because he made the miracles from the role of Iron Man, which changed his unemployed life. I love him also because he is a honest man with strong personality, who never scared to express himself to the public.



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