Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sandra Bullock

Celebrities do interviews to either promote themselves or a new project they have been working on, such as a new film, tv series, or an event they are hosting. Sandra Bullock is a very well known actress who has starred in a range of movies such as Gravity, The Blindside, and The Heat. She has done almost every genre of movies and rocked them. Sandra Bullock did an interview on Live! With Kelly and Michael in early 2016.
The context of this interview is to promote Sandra Bullock and the film, Our Brand is Crisis. They also talk about her recent successful movie, Gravity. It was a recent interview, so the culture is still as it is now. Our culture today likes to focus on who is dating who. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan did bring this up. Rumor has it that George Clooney was trying to set Sandra Bullock on a date, but Sandra quickly shot this rumor down and laughed it off like it was nothing.
The audience that I can see most people watching is stay at home moms or women 25-50 year olds. The show Live! With Kelly and Michael airs in the weekday mornings around 9 or 10 am. It is a morning talk show. Most people are working at this time and do not have access to a television. So, I see moms waiting to put their kids on the bus watching this in the mornings and possibly stay at home dads too. Sandra Bullock attracts most age ranges due to the fact of her wide variety of genres in her movies. Since it is a morning talk show, it limits the amount and type of people that can watch this interview.
The primary purpose of this interview is to promote Sandra Bullock as a fun respected mother who is also an excellent actress and her role in the new movie, Our Brand is Crisis. At first, Bullock starts off by talking about her son and Halloween. This allows the audience to see her as more relatable to the general public. Then she talks about her relationship with George Clooney and their movie together Gravity. George and Sandra have worked together multiple times and have become very close friends. Finally, Sandra talks about her new movie, Our Brand is Crisis. In this film, she plays a political “fixer” who goes into Bolivia to help her candidate win the Presidential election.

Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa are the interviewers. They contribute to portray Sandra Bullock in an active and fun way. They talk about her dressing up with her child for Halloween which makes her relatable to all mothers out there. They also have a good time, laugh, and make jokes during the interview which helps lighten up the conversation and makes Sandra Bullock seem like a fun person to be around. Michael and Kelly also talk about her movies that are very successful. This portrays Sandra as a well respected, influential and successful in the entertainment industry. I think this is exactly how Sandra Bullock wanted to be portrayed as and I feel like this is how most people do see her as.

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