Monday, August 29, 2016

Suicide Squad Blog

The poster for the film, “Suicide Squad”, does not give a clear idea for what to main purpose is  which can cause many questions to be brought up to those viewing it. The tagline, “Worst. Heroes. Ever.” makes some viewers believe that by the look of the poster, all of the characters on it seem they will cause more chaos than good. Heroes are seen in comic books as the ones saving the lives of innocent civilians from the evil villains or doing good deeds whereas villains are trying to hurt or destroy everything in their way. Towards the end, the characters become the so called heroes of the day and end up saving the world from Enchantress, which is a character on the poster. This brings up another conflict with the movie poster versus the actual movie. On the poster, viewers get the idea that all of the characters are the villains, but in the movie, only one character is a villain that the rest are trying to capture and possibly save. The Joker is also on the front of the poster, but is only seen in the movie a short period of times making some viewers question what his whole purpose was in the movie.

The genre of the movie is exactly what is portrayed on both the poster and in the movie. During the course of the movie, there is many different scenes involving explosions, gun fights, and even deaths all leading up to the final battle to stop an evil entity called Enchantress from destroying the world. By the title of the poster, some viewers see the characters as just a group, or maybe one character on their own, going somewhere to either kill others or kill others while also killing themselves in the process. In the movie, it is the complete opposite making viewers question their initial thought and realise that the characters are trying to save the world from an evil entity, named Enchantress instead of harming it. Others may take a look at the poster and think that the Joker is the main character and leader in the movie, but he is only shown a handful of times and is only supposed to be seen as a part in a different story with Harley Quinn. Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis, is seen on the poster with the other characters but is not in any costume, making some think she may be the antihero who serves the villains with her ability to achieve government based knowledge. On the poster, the characters are prejudged on the looks they have, but once the movie is seen, the true reasons and purpose of why these characters are doing what they are doing come out.

The poster is successful in enticing viewers, including me, to wanting to watch the movie when it is released. The poster is very attractive with bright colors, comic sound effects and catchy tagline, “Worst. Heroes. Ever.” all making people want to see the movie because it has a neat poster. Trailers are also released every so often which brings people into the excitement of wanting to watch the film without giving away too much. This poster did a successful job bringing its viewers to watch the movie and I plan to watch it in the future.

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