Monday, August 29, 2016

Finding Nemo

Movie posters play an important role in attracting an audience to the theaters. Posters along with commercials are the most popular ways to advertise for a movie. All of the most popular movies have posters and commercials that draw people into them. A good movie poster attracts people with colors, famous people starring in the movie, taglines, and much more.
The movie poster for Finding Nemo does an excellent job of communicating the main idea. Finding Nemo is a very popular animated children’s film from the early 2000s. Finding Nemo stars a clownfish, Marlin, whose son, Nemo, gets taken by scuba divers and placed in a fish tank inside a dentist’s office. The main plot is about Marlin’s and Nemo’s journey to reunite with each other. It includes many characters ranging from all types of sea creatures that they both meet on their journey. One of the other main characters, Dory, joins Marlin and travels all the way to Sydney, Australia. The movie posters shows Marlin in the middle of the ocean with a hundreds of fish surrounding him. He looks lost and confused on where to go and upset about losing his son. It perfectly communicates the main idea of Finding Nemo.  Since Marlin looks confused and upset, the poster is using the technique of pathos to appeal to the emotional side. Most of the movie appeals to the emotional connections between Marlin and Nemo. Even though Nemo disobeyed Marlin, he still tries to reunite the family. Marlin is doing what is right and risking his life to find Nemo. In everything situation throughout the movie marlin is logical. He is very overprotective of Nemo and only what the best for him.
The genre and the subject can easily be determined from the movie poster. The animals and ocean themed poster help to determine that this is an animated children’s ocean theme film. One of the most important features on the poster is the part where it says Disney, Pixar, and from the creators of Monsters Inc.  It will attract most of the audience. Also with the poster saying Disney on it, the audience knows it will be a family friendly movie. Disney is already a very successful movie company which help attract people.
The movie poster for Finding Nemo although does an excellent job of communicating the main idea and genre, it struggles more with showing the characters. The movie poster only shows one main character, Marlin. There are other major characters that the poster is forgetting like Nemo and Dory.  If the poster showed Nemo and Dry it would help communicate the main idea more.
The tagline on the poster is “There are 3.7 trillion fish in the ocean. They’re looking for one.” The tagline does a great job of leaving people curious and asking questions. Who are they looking for? How did he get lost? This will help entice an audience to watch the film. They want to find out what happens. Finding Nemo’s movie poster is very simple compared to other movie posters, but it gets the job done. Finding Nemo is in the top ten highest grossing animated films in Disney.

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