Sunday, August 28, 2016

Love & Basketball has a very accurate movie poster. The movie poster doesn't mislead you, what you see from the poster is what people should expect when the movie is on. From the start to end, it shows how the game of basketball brought two people together just because of the love of the game. The actors, Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan, were the two main characters that are on the cover of the movie poster. The movie poster shows them holding the basketball together, kissing, and staring into the audience’s eyes deeply, which shows emotion every time you look at the movie poster. This use of emotion is a good use of pathos to attract people to want to come see the movie. The movie poster shows that it is not just a love movie, it also has sports in it so it opens up to a variety of people to watch it instead of people that just enjoy love or emotional movies.
The movie poster is a great representation of the movie but it does not show everything that goes on in the movie. The movie poster also did not have Quincy’s dad on the movie poster who is a big character in this movie. Omar Epps played as Que, and Sanaa Lathan played as Monica. Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan were high school sweethearts. Both were high school basketball stars that happened to go to the same local Division 1 College, University of Southern California. As much as the poster does reveal there is a lot that is missed. The movie poster does not show that Monica’s parents in the movie wanted her to give up basketball just to be a regular girl and work a normal job. It also does not show the adversity that Quincy was facing coming out of high school and college to the pros, nor did it show the adversity that Monica and Quincy had during their relationship.
The background of the movie poster shows them as kids when they first meet until they were adults and still together. It shows how close their relationship has been since a young age until they were adults and trying to mature every step of the way. Quincy first meets her playing basketball and there are two different stages where they are holding a basketball on the movie poster. One shows Quincy and Monica when they are kids, and then just as they are becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Then the second picture shows them in college holding a basketball kissing which shows things are getting more serious between the two of them. Then the third picture is when both are married and have finalized their relationship.
                The color of the movie poster is a yellow which resembles a basketball court. The movie poster shows the dim yellow as if the lights were slowly coming off in the basketball gym. This is a very clever movie poster. Not every movie poster is as great but Love & Basketball does not get enough recognition for being one of the greatest movie posters of all time.


  1. I agree That Love and Basketball Movie poster Is very Accurate to its movie. How Omar epps And Sanna Lathan in the poster both holding the basketball while kissing symbolizes the love between them and the game of basketball. Having that on the poster it set the time of the movie without giving away to much info.

  2. I agree with you Mr.Fisher the poster is very accurate. This poster resembles love and also basketball which display a lot in this movie. This picture reveals a lot but still has a lot of information .

  3. I also agree with you Mr. Fisher. The poster couldn't be more accurate with the plot of the movie. You can see the pain if their eyes and with love comes pain. The basketball directly between them also supports the name of the movie very well.