Monday, August 29, 2016

Act of Valor

Act of Valor blog
Jack Gannon 
              We live in a very visual world these days. Actors, TV stars, directors, and producers are always trying to capture the public’s attention with an extraordinary design and a catchy saying in order for them to make the big buck. Sometimes these posters lead you onto something great you never expected, and other times the best part of the movie could’ve been just looking at the poster the entire time. One film in particular that is worth discussing is Act of Valor.
              For anyone that has never had the great privilege of watching this movie I highly recommend it. The title of this movie does truly describe the actions of this brave Navy Seal. The film starts off in a combat scene in which the objective is to recuse a CIA agent. Once the rescue is completed the team soon learns about a terrorist group that is planning on sneaking into the United States through the Mexican border. The terror group plans on going into major metropolitan areas and setting off explosive devices causing an extreme disturbance to our society. The seal team is determined to stop this attack and to purse the mastermind who planned this attack; the team then goes on a worldwide man hunt. As the film continues they track down the terror group to their exact location in Mexicali just as they’re about to breach the United States border. They seal team is able to prevent all of the terrorist from entering the tunnel, so the grand scheme of the mission is complete. However, when the seal team is doing its final check around the border a straggler terrorist ambushes the group by throwing grenade right next to them. The head Lieutenant in the group is the only one who sees the grenade. He decides to jump on it killing himself but saving all of the others from the blast. Hence comes the name Act of Valor. However, one large detail is that Lieutenant Rorke had a baby on the way. His deployment was meant to be over the week prior but due to the high risk mission the team requested for his veteran presence.
This is a lot to take in, and I think the cover of the film portrays it in a very well thought out way. First off the cover line on the film really does set the tone for this movie. It reads: “The only easy day was yesterday.” This could not be more true about this film. It takes place over roughly four days. Each day nearly seems impossible, yet the seals seem to battle through it. Although they may have just fought the battle of their lives they don’t know what will be in store for tomorrow.
The main idea of the film can be interpreted differently for every person, but I think the cover does a great job about giving off subtle hints about what’s to come. The front cover pictures Lieutenant, the seal who dove on the grenade, standing in front of an American flag surrounded by his other seal team members. This makes you feel patriotic, which it should, and a little bit cold. I think the most important part is that it makes you feel cold. It shows just how different these men are and how great of a job they do. The coldness also puts you in a bit of a serious mood before the film. The cover also clearly depicts the genre. Since Lieutenant Rorke is holding a gun and an American flag surrounds him it isn’t going to be a comedy; it’s clearly showing how this is an action thriller.
This cover almost entices a specific group of viewers to see it. By showing off how real life navy seals play in the film it drags people in so they can actually see how real combat is performed. this is clearly the ethos attraction. Many people out there who love America are drawn to see the seals act. Although this may seem different I am a firm believer people will watch this movie to avoid mainstream Hollywood actors for a change. A large portion of this cover is a pathos attraction as well. It targets those who care deeply about the military and those who have a loved one in services. This is shown because those people will want to care for others in the same circumstance.

I believe this was a very well thought out movie poster and clearly can draw people in from different circumstances to come and check out the adventure these seals went through. 

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  1. I thought you did a very good job, I think something to add for the future is add the background color. That observation can lead a viewer to another genre.