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Bad Boys II Movie Poster Arguments

Bad Boys II Movie Poster Arguments  

Bad Boys II Movie Poster Arguments
Advertisement is a crucial selling point in any business that relies on consumers, and the movie industry is no exception. Movies are known to sell millions of dollars in ticket sales in a single opening weekend, and additional millions in the proceeding weeks. This industry is no stranger to advertisement, and tends to spread their message by way of movie posters as well as previews. Although consumers who possess a little extra spending money are more likely to venture to a location for entertainment, advertising new movies to the public helps the box office sell tickets to a wider range of people.
The movie poster for the movie Bad Boys II is quite simple. The main characters are walking through an arid unknown location, which is predominately filled with drab hues from dark yellow to reddish-brown. First, the eye is drawn to a very dry, lifeless hay-colored ground. It is difficult to decipher the composition, but it appears to be dead grass sprinkled about a powdery, nutrient deprived soil. As the eye ascends from the ground the to the sky, new textures and colors are introduced to the movie poster. The sky transitions from a murky grey-white to a deep grey-blue and is flooded with smoke. Scattered about the upper sides of the poster are dark green palm trees that are engulfed in the blanket of smoky heat. The background colors are very well chosen to pull the potential consumer's eye toward the explosion. As a result of the lack of vibrant colors and the presence of smoke, the background encourages potential consumers associate these colors with seriousness.
The two main characters are the focal point of the movie poster, and are located front and center. Will Smith is located on the right, and Martin Lawrence is located on the left. Both of these actors are famous, but Will Smith is a mega famous actor which automatically draws in his fans. By placing the actors front and center on the movie poster, fans of the actors will already be persuaded to see this movie. Both Lawrence and Smith have visible police badges with appeals to potential consumers’ ethics.
Bad Boys II is classified as a crime film/thriller movie. Although not included on the movie poster, the movie is rated R which draws attention from a certain crowd. Logistically speaking, since the age of admittance into a rated R movie is 17 the likelihood of the movie being serious increases tremendously. From the poster alone, a potential consumer would most likely assume the genre of the movie to be crime because of context clues that are presented in the image. I assumed from the poster that this movie would be serious because there were no context clues implicating otherwise. However shortly into watching what is claimed to be a crime film/thriller, I found myself laughing hysterically. The take away from movie posters is that they show the crowd what they want to see: movie stars and a solidified genre.


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