Sunday, August 28, 2016

World War Z Movie Poster Jostyn Andrews

Jostyn  Andrews
Intro Comp
August 29th

World War Z   Movie Poster Argument
           Good movie posters anticipate the movie before you even watch the movie. Just by looking at the cover of the poster you can easily depict what might happen in the movie or at least get a good idea of what might go on. The whole entire purpose of the poster is for you to get a visual or in some cases have in your mind what will happen. The movie poster for World War Z describes the movie its self very well. When you look at the movie poster you can easily tell what the film is about and how the story might go.
When You first take a good look at the movie poster the buildings being on fire, the airplane falling from the sky. And Brad Pitt looking over the city in shock better yet the name itself tells a percentage of the film. When You think of the name Brad Pitt you think action, adventure, and suspense which made this the perfect job for him. In this case ethos creates bond between his fans and answers the argument of the type of movie that is being portrayed. Making these connections or analysis towards the movie between Brad Pitt and his latest movies and how he is positioned in the movie poster is very needed. Without him or that poster many viewers wouldn’t get the concept of the movie.
When looking deep into the poster looking at the burning buildings, the falling airplanes, and the darkness in the clouds as the smoke raises upon them. You can easily tell the distress that is going on in the poster and later on what will be going on in the movie. The Poster captures the aftermath of  the world after the Z’s came an attacked. This is an important scene from the film it basically shows the scenery towards the outcome of the world being taken over by Z’s  in one picture. Although the movie poster does a good job at communicating the main idea of the film it still leaves great amount of suspense towards its viewers.
           Personally I do not think the movie poster is misleading in any kind of way. The poster gives the viewers just enough information or clues about that the movie. Every aspect of the poster was made to persuade people to watch the movie. The way we look at pictures today show how we can take an image and break it up and describe it and take many opinions from that one image. Once seeing the film it is very clear how the Z’s took over the world and destroyed it and killed everything in its path. It shows how citizens tried to fight back but the Z’s was just too much for them until the main character Brad Pitt enters the Movie and saves humanity. One thing the poster does not reveal is how the Z virus got started or how to cure it simply because of how the movie is set up, no one knows those answers till the end of the film.

All in all the movie poster was a great poster it showed what it needed to show without showing or telling the full movie in picture. This movie was one of the top rated movie on Netflix for multiple months and would be a great movie to watch.

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  1. I think it's neat that they decided to have Brad Pitt's back to the camera, possibly in an act of humility, but forced perspective makes him the largest thing in the frame. He's looking down on the world as it crumbles... almost like a god figure. You really get the sense that he is the most important person in the world, and that he may just hold the key to the world's problems. It neatly foreshadows the movie's plot and plays upon our image of Brad Pitt as an ethical figure in a doomed world.