Monday, August 29, 2016

Isabel Collins


The main reason I chose to watch Adventureland was because of the appealing movie poster. The poster shows the two main actors, Kristin Stewart and Jesse Einsenberg, romantically gazing into each other’s eyes while wearing their matching theme park t-shirts. This appeals to people of a young age because they can relate to the struggles of having a summer job, and the actors who play the part in this movie are fairly young. The story kicks off with Jesse Einsenberg being forced to get a summer job in order to make money to attend Columbia for journalism in the fall. When he arrives at Adventureland, the general pathos of the workers and theme park is dull and monotone, and the impression that only overage losers work there. As his time working progresses, he begins to make friends and a small family with the other workers, and he develops a romantic interest in Kristin Stewart. Jesse explains to her that he just had his heart broken, which is another factor that appeals to a young audience, which he is still getting over. The couple goes through a roller coaster of drama, but in the end they end up getting together officially, winning over the hearts of the viewers. I would say that the film follows the Logos, or structure, of a predictable essay. By this I mean how Jesse’s original love interest and summer job search; the introduction and rising action, comes along with drama; the climax, and ends in the joining of the couple; the resolution.

I think the movie poster does a good job of displaying what the movie is about. Under the title, there is the quote “nothing brings people together like a crappy summer job.” This is a point that hooks viewers in, making them interested in the potential for romance and relate to the “crappy” aspect. In the background, there are the rest of the workers, who are obviously varied in looks. People love movies about misfits coming together and making friends, which is another appealing aspect to the poster. Because the movie’s main scene is in a theme park, the poster is able to draw viewers in with the feeling of summer fun and sunshine. I would say that the poster directly reflects the movie, not as much in how much drama occurs, but in the sense of misfits coming together through their ordinary job. The Ethos of the film is very laid back and 80’s feel; you can instantly tell it is a different era by the restaurants, outfits, buildings, and people. The Ethos is very reflected in the poster, and the bright orange fence color makes it pop. I really liked this film, and I recommend it to anyone who loves romantic comedies that has drama added here and there. For someone of my age, I thought it was really relatable because I work as a camp counselor each summer and I live in a time where everyone is rushing to be in a relationship. The movie poster is one of the main things that chose me to pick this film and they directly relate, which is important in cinema

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