Monday, August 29, 2016


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The movie "Gotti" by "Hollywood reporter" was just as the headline of the cover suggested, explosive, rich and powerful. The movie showed the life of Mob boss John Gotti, a life full of power, loyalty and poise. The cover imagery totally depicts these characteristics, and portrayed what I would soon see in the movie. The image shows an Italian man with a humble, blank look on his face , but a shceming essence in his eyes. This message really did depict what was to come in the movie because we saw that Johns rise and fall as a mob boss was full of well thought out murders and him deflecting the wrath of the court system through bargaining and intimidation, while always coming out of it as "good guy" in the public eye. Armand Assante played the role of Gotti to a tee, he showed great poise, charisma and fire throughout the movie, the characteristics that landed Gotti the head chair as the Don in the infamous Gambino mafia. Assante almost had me believing he was the real John Gotti playing in his own movie, the three thousand dollar suits, rampant outrages and charming jokes all looked so natural to him, he was born to play the role of Gotti. The name "Gotti" itself is enough to draw you in as a potential viewer, if you have any interest in organized crime, so the cover did a great job in pulling me in. Simple and to the point, its about "The rise and fall of a real mafia don". The cover needed very few words in bold to headline the cover "Explosive, rich and powerful" perfect adjectives to describe this movie, as I saw, explosive shootings, rich brotherhood and Italian family customs and powerful scenes with wisdom and knowledge only said so powerfully by a don himself. The genre of the movie was no mystery going into it, as I knew it would be an action/ drama, and throughout the entire movie we saw both of these genres, you would think that the action would be the highlights of the movie because of the mass amount of high profile killings Gotti took part in, but I was surprised to find myself even more intrigued by the dramatic downfalls of some of Gottis' best friends who turned on him, and eventually the last man he ever thought would turn on him, Sammy "the bull" Gravano. 

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