Monday, August 29, 2016

13 Hours Rylee Lin

 13 Hours takes place in Benghazi, Libya where six ex-Marines, Rangers, and Navy Seals, known as the Global Response Staff (GRS), were asked to protect an undercover American diplomatic compound. The compound was not a U.S embassy because Benghazi is the most dangerous place on earth. All embassies left the country in fear of being attacked by militants. Christopher Stevens, a U.S ambassador, flew into Benghazi to try and maintain control of the social and political conflicts happening. Christopher Stevens stayed in the diplomatic compound that is less than a mile away from a CIA base called “The Annex” where GRS is staying because of current research is conducted in the area. Without even watching the movie 13 Hours, the movie poster already can tell the viewer that this a patriotic and suspenseful war movie. The six soldiers will sacrifice their lives to save a U.S ambassador from a terrorist attack that happened on September 11, 2012. The movie poster has a soldier in the center, decked out in the necessities to fight a war.  The soldier has a full beard, a cut on his face, and an intense facial expression that is intimidating. His clothes are covered in dirt and dust which can conclude that he has been fighting in the battle. In the background of the movie poster the American flag takes up more than half of the poster, it is no secret that this is going to be badass. In the bottom right corner of the movie poster, it is dark and foggy. The background looks like a building that has recently been in deep stress from a battle. Buildings are half standing and falling apart due to the dangerous environment. However, the American Flag still is raised and waving even after the incident. The flag allows the audience to conclude that the Americans still stands strong and defeated the terrorist.  The movie poster has quotes from critics saying that 13 Hours is a "gripping, harrowing and heartfelt film." Along with the fact that in the title of the movie is "The Secret Soldier of Benghazi" and "a riveting and exhilarating true story," this is a film centered on actual events. Logos is used during the movie because facts and events that happen during the film are real. The connection to the audience will be deeper because the watcher knows that these developments truly did happen and are not fictional. The movie poster has pathos presented by the colors, weather, and expression from the characters. The movie is going to be dark, suspenseful, and dangerous. Six Ex-military operation specialist volunteered to protect “The Annex” and the U.S ambassador. Their ethics were to protect their country and citizens which are an example of Ethos. The movie was enticing before viewing it because war based movies are intense and after watching them, you felt patriotic and blessed that there are men and women in our country willing to sacrifice their lives for us.

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