Monday, August 29, 2016

The movie I selected was "The Interview", starring famous actors Seth Rogen and James Franco. Instantly when I hear those names I know it's going to be a comedy because those two actors always create a hysterical output during their films together. The movie poster could be described as conflicting because some viewers might think it could be a Korean film due to the culture shown and the Korean writing portrayed on the movie poster. Matter of fact, the tagline is in complete Korean, so even though most people will not be able to understand it, they will still know what the movie could possibly be about. That being said, I feel as if people would want to see the movie even more after seeing the poster because it is difficult to tell the just of the movie by looking at the poster. Also, viewers could instantly know that the overall concept of the movie could be a comical or parody film with war because there are battle vehicles shown on the poster, along with heads of Seth and James. After seeing the film, people will start to understand why the poster was created the way it was for the film.

During the movie, it does tie back to events that are current today in the world, but also doing it in a comical way. The poster portrays some sort of war, and to this day, we are still at war with North Korea. Kim Jong Un is the current leader today of North Korea, and in the movie, they still make references to him being the lead of North Korea. On the poster, there is a portrait of him, along with some scenes from his country. Therefore, the creators did a good job of portraying some important aspects that happen in the movie onto the poster board.

The most important part of the movie is that Seth and James are work partners because the whole concept of the movie is that they take a work trip to North Korea to meet the leader of the very communist country. The whole reason why there faces are so big on the poster is because they are the most important aspect to the movie, without them it would not be as hysterical. Most viewers would actually see the movie because of the people who are in it, and see it not even knowing what the movie s even about.  

Overall, the poster is well suited for this film, because it is intriguing to me and probably to a lot of viewers. I feel that if one was to see the poster before the movie, then viewers would be eager to see the movie due to the intriguing plot the poster portrays. With that being said, the creators of the poster really well executed the theme and true meaning of what the movie is really about. I would recommend this movie to anyone, and I would tell them to look at the poster before watching so they could get somewhat of and understand of the movie plot.

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