Monday, August 29, 2016


The purpose of a movie poster is to capture the interest of the public and excite them about seeing it in the theater. The poster does this by offering clues as to what can be expected in the movie. It is important to note the actors on the poster, the title and subtitles, and the colors used in the background to get a feel for the movie’s genre. Movie poster also use ethos, pathos and logos appeals to engage the audience. The 2015 version of Cinderella is a great example of this.
 The movie poster for 2015 version of Cinderella can be slightly misleading. When most people think of Cinderella, a love story filled with magic and a happy ending comes to mind. However, the 2015 version features Cinderella in a different light. The poster includes Cinderella played by Lily James, running in a beautiful blue fairy tale gown with dark storm clouds in the background. Other than the title, that is all the poster includes. It is a far cry from the animated classic that had Cinderella dancing with Prince Charming while her mice friends looked on happily and a pumpkin carriage rolled away in the background. In addition, she does not even have a clear expression of how she is feeling. The title does have “Disney” featured above it, so the viewer can guess it will have happy ending. For someone who has never heard the story of Cinderella, would probably assume this movie would fall under the genre of kids and family, drama, and maybe fantasy. This movie poster does a good job of enticing the audience into wanting to see the movie by not giving away too many clues about how this movie will be different than the original animated version of the movie. 
Overall, this version followed the same plot, but because this version used real actors, it allowed the audience to relate more to the characters. One of the major parts of the movie that the poster does not portray is the romance between Cinderella and the prince. However, most every Disney princess story included a romance, so many viewers could still assume there will be a love interest in the movie without seeing any clues in the title.
The ethos in this poster is Lily James in the center in a sparkly princess gown, so the viewer will know this is a movie about a princess with a happy ending. The pathos is shown throughout the movie as the audience watches Cinderella grow up and deal with many hardships and form relationships with characters. The logos on the poster comes from the fact that this is a Disney movie. Viewers know that all Disney movies end well and are family friendly.

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  1. Great analysis on a classic film. The use of ethos, pathos, and logos was spot on. Never seen the new one but this description definitely makes me want to see it.