Sunday, August 28, 2016

Beyond the Lights

The movie I selected for my first blog was Beyond the Lights. If one were to look at the movie poster, they would suspect it is a peaceful love story. By even reading the simple title of the movie, one could even guess the genre. By looking at the poster alone, what seems to be a couple is standing on a beach. She is smiling at him while he is looking down at the sand which gives away that they, or maybe just the woman, is in love. The colors on the poster are soft and light: white and blue with a bit of green. The title is written in a lackadaisical golden cursive lettering which only further adds to the soft look. In contrast to the movie poster, the actual movie has a lot of dark scenes and moments for the characters. The poster definitely tricks audiences into thinking the movie is all about love and no disaster. However, whether the poster correctly depicted it or not, I would definitely still see it, the poster has something more behind it than love. The poster draws the audience in and shows that it has more to offer. In the film, there was a lot of ups and downs between the main character and the people who surround her. She had a rough upbringing, which you could never see through the soft movie poster. The overall concept of this movie is that no matter where you begin, even on the bottom, you can always come out on top, and better than ever. The movie portrays the main character as strong, but slowly becoming weaker through the movie. The climax in this movie knocked the weakness out of her and she climber her way back up to the top, thanks to the man who saved her life. The logos in this movie was the structure of how she was raised and why she had become the woman she was. The pathos was the love she found to crawl out of the dark and start anew. The ethos was the new confidence and new life she found after realizing she was the one who ultimately had control of her life.  Although there are only two actors on the poster, the movie has so much depth and so many more people who participated in the acting of the movie had an impact in not only the main character, but the whole movie. The connections between each of the characters creates a new conflict or resolution and it's interesting to see how they collide with each other. On the movie poster there is a string of words that the eye is drawn to, Open your heart find your voice. These six words leave those who see the picture with a bit of mystery on how those words may be implied. The truth is, those six words are so much deeper and fit to the movie perfectly. This film was a very good example to show the difference between the depth of a movie poster and the actual depth of the movie.Image result for beyond the lights movie poster

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