Monday, August 29, 2016

Home Alone Poster Analysis

Designers of movie posters precedence is to draw the viewer's attention immediately to see their movie and according to the Washington Post, the most popular time in the year to see a movie is during Christmas. These posters offer a sneak peak into the film but it also leaves the onlooker to interpret for himself what the unanswered parts of the poster are about. Audiences across America implore for the next blockbuster Christmas film and Chris Columbus’ Home Alone appeals to a diversified group of viewers, not just the mundane Church goer, by using ethos, pathos, and logos to absorb the attention of its audience.
Without a doubt the focal point of the movie is Kevin McCallister (Macauley Culkin), because he is front and center of the poster with a utterly distraught look on his face. Over 100 different kid-actors auditioned for the role of Kevin McCallister, but Kevin’s role was specifically written for Culkin because of his role in the film Uncle Buck, where his “angelic brattiness” appealed to the likes of Director Chris Columbus. The pathos shown in Culkin’s innocent and virtuous facial features counters his scoundrel feeling towards his parents and most importantly the two burglars Harry Lime (Joe Pesci) and Marv Merchants (Daniel Stern). These two crooks called the “Wet Bandits”, notice that the McCallister family, who live in one of the most luxurious houses in all of Chicago, are going on a family Christmas vacation for a week with nobody watching the house. The sadistic smirk on the burglars faces show that they are enticed to obtain something that Kevin has.
Surrounding these characters on the poster shows Christmas lights and snow piled up on the window sills so the viewer can imply that this film is centered around the Holiday season. The ethos in this movie poster is one of the most ironic parts of the film because a family will least expect tragedy by leaving their child at home during vacation as well as getting your house robbed. This ironic plotline is what made Home Alone the top grossing Christmas movie of all time as well as the highest grossing film in 1990.
The line on the poster is a great example of logos because logistically an 8 year old boy would never be able to fight off two fully grown men, but the fact that it says it’s a comedy tells the audience that the kid is the one who is in control the whole movie. The poster is very misleading though regarding the facial expression of Kevin because there’s never a point in the movie where Kevin is truly terrified. The poster does a great job of delivering the main idea of the poster, but without giving away virtually any answers unless you’ve seen the movie before. Kevin is constantly thinking one step ahead of the bandits and wittingly strategizes their every move.
Home Alone has one of the most simple movie posters compared to other movies with equal success, but after watching the movie you’re able to dissect small elements in the poster that possess a substantial amount of value. The acumen ability of the designer to thoroughly craft this poster was one of many reasons why Home Alone is the highest-grossing live-action comedy domestically in movie history.   


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  1. I agree that the movie poster did an excellent job in displaying the season of which this film took place in. The Christmas lights in the background clearly showed the targeted audience that is was Christmas time. By placing Kevin McCallister on the front and center of this movie poster, it was made clear who the main character of the film would be.