Monday, August 29, 2016

Meet the Parents 
Meet the Parents is a comedy that brings to light the fear that all boyfriends feel when first meeting their girlfriend's parents. It is easy to tell that the movie is a comedy for one reason, it was directed by the same director that directed Austin Powers. The poster does a great job on showing what it feels like to be the boyfriend. It depicts the father using a lie detector on his daughter's boyfriend and the emotions both parties feel. Although, in most cases, this might not actually occur, for some boyfriends it might actually feel as if they are hooked up to a lie detector. Most boyfriends are nervous to meet the parents of their significant other due to the pressure of trying to impress them and answering their questions. The poster does a great job in showing the relationship between father and boyfriend.  
In the movie, Greg Focker (the one hooked up to the lie detector) is a male nurse you wants to marry Pamela Byrnes whose father, Jack Byrnes (the man using the lie detector) is a retired CIA agent.  The movie is about a visit that Greg and Pamela decide to take to her parents and staying the weekend at their house for Pamela's sister's wedding. From the beginning of the movie, Greg was already nervous to meet Pamela's father, Jack. Upon meeting Jack, Greg was still feeling some discomfort in regards to impressing his potential father-in-law. Jack is a very serious man and does not mess around with those he does not know. The poster does a great job at illustrating Jack's personality due to his facial expression. Not only does the poster do great job at depicting Jack and his personality, but it does the same for Greg. As depicted in the poster, Greg's face says it all. His eyes are wide open, he has a straight face, and he looks stiff. These are all visual cues showing nervousness and this is exactly how Greg acts throughout the movie. No matter what Greg does, he always messes something up accidentally but that is not how Jack sees it. Jack sees Greg's mistakes as intentional actions used to bring harm of some sort into his life. It seems as if Jack does not trust Greg. 
 The poster also depicts how Jack does not trust Greg at all. One of the first scenes shows Jack asking one of his old CIA buddies to run a background check on Greg. Also, Greg does not trust Jack. When first introduced, Greg was told that Jack was a retired florist but figures out the lie by accidentally

stumbling upon Jack's secret room. This is where Jack finds Greg and asks him if he would like to try the lie detector. That is the first and only scene where Jack actually uses the lie detector on Greg. This poster does a lot with very little. 
It accurately illustrates how the movie goes, and how each of the main characters interact and act with each other and others. The poster itself does not include all important characters but it does a great job at showing what to expect from the two most important characters. Another aspect is that these are the two characters that provide the movie and story with comedy and disputes. This poster does an excellent job at providing an idea of what the movie is about and truly depicting the relationship between these two characters.

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