Monday, August 29, 2016


Movie posters serve the same purpose as a trailer in that they both introduce a film to an audience, as they both typically present the main character and some kind of picture that allows the viewers to imagine what the movie might be about. They must achieve this in a way that doesn't give away the whole plot but catches the attention of the audience. This maybe hard to obtain sometimes and that’s why some movie posters don’t show much of what is going on and instead just create picture or image that reaches out and grabs the attention of potential viewers.

For the analysis of a movie poster, I chose a poster from the film 42, directed by Brian Helgeland and released to theaters in 2013. It stared Chadwick Boseman who played the main character, Jackie Robinson, and Harrison Ford who played the manager of the baseball team on which Jackie Robinson played for.  Although these two characters are not big name actors, they played the parts amazingly well.

At the first glance, the poster I chose shows Jackie Robinson being hugged by one of his white teammates. With this movie being based in 1946, that’s a pretty controversial action being portrayed by number one. Also you can see at the top of the poster it has a sunny sky which in my opinion represents better days ahead. Jackie being the first African American to play in the major leagues was a huge turning point in the game and is still looked upon today as a monumental achievement for blacks fighting for equality and civil rights. It also shows Jackie just embracing being in a major league baseball stadium, although this does have much to do with the movie, it shows how big of an impact he made and that he is realizing just quite what he has done. With this being said, all clues suggest the movie being a recreation of a historical event.

Looking at the tagline stated on the right side of the poster, “In a game divided by color, he made us see greatness again”, it only confirms more that the movie will be a drama based on a true historical event. This statement grabs at the emotional side of the audience by stating that greatness was seen again. Jackie Robinson breaking into the Major Leagues created a huge buzz around not only the nation but around the nation. At the time that the movies setting takes place, there is still a large prejudice towards African Americans in the united states.  With this being said, the quote tugs at the emotions of viewers because while it may be a touchy quote, it came from a white guy talking about a black guy and at that time, talking about a black man that way was almost unheard of.

The poster is successful in enticing viewers, including myself, to wishing to watch the film when it comes out. The poster has bright colors and what looks to be like two friends hugging on a baseball field. The excitement is also heightened due to multiple trailers being released.


  1. Being someone who has seen the movie 42, I think Trey nailed this review. Trey uses word "touchy" to describe a quote from the movie, and that exactly right, this movie is moving, sports fan or not. This was a civil rights movement, not just baseball, it was much more and Trey does a great job informing us on that.

  2. 42 is a movie i really enjoyed and I think Trey's review is great. His quote “In a game divided by color, he made us see greatness again”, is so true. This movie showed a lot more than just baseball. I felt like baseball wasn't even a factor when I think about the statement Jackie made with his fight. He continually fought for himself and showed why he truly did belong.