Monday, August 29, 2016

Parent Trap Movie Poster Assignment

In the Disney classic parent-trap, I believe the creator of this movie poster accurately depicts the main theme carried throughout the movie. Its difficult to collaborate a two hour and eight-minute story into one movie poster, and this poster does an ideal job giving readers an urge to see this movie without giving away too much information. A movie poster is very vital in the success of a movie, for often it is the first hook for viewers. Producers want to portray the correct message to entice their viewers as to why their movie is the one to see. The genius design in this movie poster does not overwhelm viewers, but instead follows a simple model to leave viewers wanting more information and also allows viewers to create a personal idea of what the movie might have in store. All in all, producers aim to use rhetoric as an art of persuasion by using ethos, pathos, and logos to draw viewers. Effective persuasion uses all three types of rhetoric.

One of the first things viewers eye is drawn too is the statement at the top “Walt Disney Pictures”. Walt Disney has a very high reputation when it comes to films, so viewers are automatically drawn to this type of ethos persuasion. Viewers trust productions by Disney, so viewers would strictly be interested in this movie because it is a Disney film. Disney has a huge loyal field of viewers, which directly relates to the strong success of this movie. More ethos persuasion is shown at the bottom of this poster, as actors names and all the people involved are shown. The creator of this poster intentionally placed these names on the poster in hope to draw more viewers to the movie by the prestigious names. Many people are attracted to movies by the actors that are in them, so including the actors on a poster is a very influential way to persuade viewers.

The couple toward the middle of the poster entices viewers that enjoy romance. The expressions these characters show on their face express emotion, happiness, and love which is a type of pathos persuasion. For there are few who don’t love a good romance.  

This poster separates the two most important ideals of the movie: the relationship between the sisters and the relationship between the parents. I think it was brilliant for the creator of this poster to include both of these parts, for it could attract two different aged crowds. After watching the movie, it’s much more understandable as to why the sisters aren’t looking at each other: because they weren’t aware they were twins. This movie poster is simple but to the point.  It comes across to me that the sister’s excited facial expressions are directly related to their parents. This poster doesn’t give away too much information, and hooks the viewer to want to know more. This poster did a great job of enticing viewers by the persuasive rhetoric the creator used, making people want to view the film.

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  1. Grace, I really love how you chose this movie! You really went into depth about the relationship between the movie and the poster. You truly showed that there is more than what meets the eye with this movie poster! Great job :)