Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What would a spy drive?

The world-famous spy movie series James Bond 007, portrays possibly the coolest man alive, Bond, James Bond. The most recent installation of the film was 007 Spectre, the film follows Bond (Daniel Craig) as he tries to catch the head of a huge criminal organization, known as Spectre. Bond throughout every movie in the series is portrayed as a well-dressed, gentleman womanizer, who is unstoppable with any gun in his hands. He is quite possibly the coolest movie character ever, but what does the coolest man on earth drive? A fully bullet proof Aston Martin DB-10.

Throughout every film Bond owns and skillfully operates an Aston Martin. Aston Martin is a British automotive company that is well known for making luxury hyper cars. There is one scene in particular, where Bond goes to a meeting of this secret criminal organization. As he pulls up to the meeting the viewer sees a parking lot full of other hyper cars. There are literally millions of dollars in cars sitting in the parking lot. Bond then is caught inside of the meeting where he must flee. He speeds off in his Aston Martin which is perfectly shielding him from the rain of gun fire, the car doesn’t even get a scratch from the bullets. As he makes his escape another explicitly evil character, Hinx (Dave Bautista) pursues him in his hyper car, the Jaguar C-X75. Throughout the chase Hinx never gets close to Bond and his Aston Martin, Bond is just too good and his car is just too fast. The one time Hinx gets close to catching Bond, Bond uses a flame thrower to set his rivals car on fire, and he then ejects from the car parachuting safely away.
In Everything’s an Argument we read that videos are “an effective way to enhance the ethos of a group or institution” (Lunsford 372). I believe Aston Martin did a spectacular job at this by incorporating their cars into the 007 film franchise. The viewer thinks what car does the British spy agency MI6 trust for their agents? Aston Martin. The whole movie franchise builds an insane amount of ethos for the company. Not only is the car chosen for the mystic 007, but it also preforms above and beyond his standards. Now when a viewer sees an Aston Martin in person or online, they think to themselves “that’s a spy’s car”.

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Rating: 5 Nachos

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