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Did Coach America Find its Safe Haven?

Did Coach America Find its Safe Haven?

Product placement is something that lots of people overlook in movies, but in Safe Haven directed by Lasse Hallstrom the use of well known products is so prevalent it’s hard to overlook. The entire first half of the movie uses many products such as: Seattle’s Best Coffee, Pepsi, Coach America, Royal Purple synthetic oil, and Roxy. However, as the movie picks up in intensity the products seem to disappear. The reason for this is that the movie uses products to familiarize the audience with the movie in the beginning, but as the audience becomes hooked its product placement lessens so the viewer is focused more on the actual story line. This is an extremely great use of logos because logically people are smore in tune to things if they have a common connection to it such as the products that the movie uses here. As the film goes on logically the audience is more connected so the use of products is not relevant and the viewer will focus more on the plot.
            Safe Haven has a very simple plot, but the film twists it so the viewer does not find out all of the important information until the very end. Towards the beginning the only thing the viewer knows is a girl is running from something terrible and ends up in a small town. However, as the film goes on more things are uncovered about what she is running from. This girl Katie is running from an abusive husband and at the end of the film the audience finds peace once the whole situation is resolved because the abusive husband will not be able to hurt her anymore. Overall, the complexity of the way the film relays the information helps the audience to stay hooked to the very ending credits.

            One product that is placed in the film from the very beginning scene is Coach America. This is a bussing company that runs all across America. The choice to use them in this movie was an extremely good one not only for the movie, but also for the company. This bussing company was featured so much in the first half of the movie it was hard to count the amount of times. The main character Katie is running from her abusive husband and choses this brand of bussing company to take her to safety and escape. Overall, this helps the company in many ways according to ethos, pathos, and logos.

            Using Coach America as their bus brand in this movie helped boost the ethos of the company significantly. In the very beginning Katie uses this bus to get to safety and, therefore, shows that this company is safe and wants to help people. Additionally, when Katie’s husband who is a police officer, goes to the bus station to try and track down exactly where she went he runs into a problem. This is that this particular bussing company goes across the entire United States and therefore Katie could be anywhere. This boosts the ethos of the company because now the audience knows that the company can take them anywhere and has multiple options for their travel needs. Finally, the ethos of this company is boosted with the availability. Again in the beginning while the husband is running around the bus station trying to find Katie he is unsuccessful because of abundance. There were so many busses going so many different places he could not track down Katie. This shows the audience that this company has many options for whatever needs they might have. Overall Coach America really boosted their ethos by being featured so many times in this film.
            Additionally, pathos is used heavily along with this company to draw the viewer towards this brand. As the movie begins so does the intensity with the main character Katie trying to run to safety. As she is showing the audience how desperate she is to get away Coach America comes in right in time to save the day and help her get to safety. This use of pathos makes the audience feel like Coach America will always be there to save the day.
            Furthermore, logos was in full effect in placing Coach America throughout the entire first part of this film. The movie producers could have used a train, plane, car, or other forms of transportation to take Katie to safety, however, they chose to use the bussing system Coach America has to offer. This was done for many different reasons, but one is because the other forms of transportation would just not logically work. If she took a train it would not stop in small towns for gas so she would not have the chance to possibly get off and see the adorable town she chose as her safe have. If she was on a plane she would have had to go through so much security that her husband being a police officer would have surely found her right away. Even if she took a car her husband would be able to track that car and track her down directly. Overall, the bus just makes sense. The stops it made for breaks and gas allowed Katie to pick that small town to stay where her husband would not know where she got off and decided to stay. Logos was definitely a factor in using this bussing company to take Katie to safety on her journey.

            Overall, I would give this film 4 out of 5 nachos for their use of product placement. This is because they effectively used ethos, pathos, and logos in their decision for which products and when they would be used in their film. Safe Haven overall was an extremely heart wrenching film in which the viewer felt for all the characters, and overall felt satisfied with the outcome as everything came together in the end.

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