Monday, March 20, 2017

Independence Day Resurgence

Independence Day Resurgence

            In the movie, Independence Day Resurgence directed by Roland Emmerich. This film is about two decades following the alien invasion that almost destroyed mankind, which they call Independence Day when they defeated the enemy. The new Alien mothership is twice the size of the previous attack, so together the armies of the world take down the aliens. The will to survive is the greatest weapon for mankind. The film uses product placement throughout the movie from traveling over the course of the attack. Product placement is used for companies to increase brand awareness and subtly advertise to the audience. I show how Independence Day Resurgence clearly advertises Jeep.
In the movie, the vehicle Director David Levinson and his guys use to travel for the U.N. Research Mission to Central Africa, are specialized Jeep Grand Cherokees. As the Director talks with Floyd Rodenberg in the Jeep, Floyd says, “I’ve been chasing you across the planet for 3 weeks now”. This shows the Jeep is equipped to handle long journeys and the amount of terrain they have gone through. The movie shapes the argument of the Jeep being the specific vehicle for this job, as they arrive at the warlord’s base this illustrates the Jeep is tough enough to work for an African war base. The adaptability of the roads and weather are meant for the Jeep. As Central Asia is in the middle of nowhere with not much of blacktop or pavement for normal cars, with the Jeep there is no worry about the capability to drive. Jeeps official website states, “This is the most capable Grand Cherokee ever. It’s been designed for off-road dominance”. From the advertisement on their website and other social media outlets, therefore you can clearly see the right vehicle for this movie would be the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The trail of the vehicle in the movie is the off-road, fast and efficient type needed to defeat the alien invasion.

I think the desire to advertise in this film would be for the reasons of capability on off-roads as well as quickly moving to another base on a different surface. According to Understanding Movies by Louis Giannetti, “The most obvious method is simply to preach at the audience. Such movies try to sell us a bill of goods, like TV commercials or propaganda” (403). The quote emphasizes the way movies intentionally layout an advertisement to the viewers. In Independence Day Resurgence this happens to be the Jeep, the method of incorporating the vehicle to match the high agility needed is so exact. Jeep’s strategy to showcase the specialized version was exceptional to the viewers. I think this product placement was a 5/5 because it was over the top about the Jeeps. They incorporated the vehicle into the film very smoothly and I believe an outstanding relative product to this movie. There wasn't any specific pauses in the movie just to see the Jeep logo or vehicle, their advertisements was executed at the right times. Therfore, Independence Day Resurgence deserves a 5 nacho out of 5 nachos.

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