Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Google Search: Product Placement?
By: Jaelan Austin
The movie "The Internship" is about two middle aged men, who are having what most would consider a midlife crisis, coming to realization with the fact that there whole life has been filled with failed career attempts and instability. They essentially hit rock bottom, when another flashbulb idea comes to them, which was an intern position with the opportunity to earn a position in the company Google. The two men go on to pursue there unlikely ambitions to work for Google and soon realize the task at hand was one built for the younger new aged generation. The ironic comedy goes on to show a series of thrilling, surprising, and laugh filled experiences these two older men have with all the young and intelligent interns, while attempting to prove themselves worthy of the position at Google.

This movie was an obvious product placement mission by the company Google. In essence the whole story was built around the idea, perception, and credibility of Google. Throughout the movie, we constantly advanced, futuristic, cool, creative, colorful, and ultimately unseen technologies, designs, architectures, and ideas. Thus, leaving a long lasting impact that Google is the best thing since sliced bread. 
I would sternly say that this case of product placement was a "win win" situation for various reasons. Given the fact that Google is a world renown brand that everyone has vowed credible and established, the mere fact that the company was allowing the movie to place Google as its theme meant the movie would sell. All advertisement specified for the movie's sake would be successful because there are not many who question when they see "Google". As for the company Google, this was a just another win for an already inevitable successful brand. They were able to bring the company of Google to life, and shine a light never shun on them before. It transform Google from technology, to real life. They were able to premier some ideas people hadn't heard of, showcase the facilities and workplace, and reveal the fun and humor involved with working for Google. 

They automatically struck the factor of ethos with the company Google being the central theme, because Google is as credible as it gets. The access pathos with the carefully picked cast of actors who have a gift of translating their in film experiences and emotions to the viewers. As far as logos, its a bit of a reiteration, but the logic behind the "The Internship" was make a cool and funny movie about Google and people will watch it because its about Google and Google will advertise new products and its company.

All in all, I think the manner in which they went about product placement in the movie "The Internship" was effective and smoothly done. The movie was very much so enjoyable and pretty funny in my opinion. And in the end I thought Google was a lot cooler and advanced than I did prior to watching the movie. 

I'm going to give this product placement job a 5 star rating, well done.

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