Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Someone must like this soundtrack

Someone like You

Someone like You  is a romantic comedy that aired in the 2001. Through out the movie there are many sarcastic uses of music to portray the mood of the movie, there is also a lot of romantic hymns and hits from the late 1900’s. This movie covers the love life of a woman named Jane in her late twenties that feels like she just cant catch a break. 

After, who she thinks is the love of her life, Ray leaves her she finds romance with her friend, Eddie, who she thought would never be possible. Many of the songs are played in short to enhance a scene. The first sone we really notice is Dreamsome by Shelby Lynne during which you see the main character,  have her first romantic kiss scene with Ray. This song intensifies this romantic gesture, “did you miss me” are repeated constantly in this scene. This song and this scene combined makes the viewers question the main characters morals, ethically is she doing the right thing? The scene before this song plays discusses Ray’s girlfriend of three years which he is cheating on in the romantic scene, by constantly repeating those four words you think of how morally wrong the kiss is, but to some people that only makes the scene more exciting. The next song we noticeably hear reaches out to our appeal of pathos. It must be Love performed by Madness, which is upbeat and covers a montage of Ray and Jane’s romantic journey. This song pulls at our heart stings, which we can connect to the characters through having a relationship with someone at some point in our lives.  The upbeat, romantic song of the 80’s supports the building feelings of love the characters share with each other - the scene ends with Ray telling Jane he loves her, to which the song somewhat foreshadows the upcoming event. Through out the movie there are breaks in scenes, the screen goes black and there are words that cover the screen stating the next stage of a relationship, during which the songs are very quirky and sarcastic. Many of the songs in the back ground of scenes follow this theme and connect with the characters on camera, there are goofy tendencies which take the dramatic and sad components of falling in love and add sardonic meanings as if Jane deserves whats happening to her for cheating on Rays girlfriend. Jumping to the final scene, you see Eddie and Jane experience their first romantic gesture. A passionate kiss involving lifting and spinning and everything cheesy that is accompanied by the song Someone Like You by Van Morrison which overcomes the speakers and makes the viewer feel so cheesy that the song of the same title is playing as the broken hearted Jane finds her “someone” in a friend she never expected to feel anything towards besides annoyance and confidentiality. The soundtrack of this movie provides viewers with satirical music to accompany the lighthearted romantic comedy, but also includes heart wrenching songs to which the viewer can feel a connection to the characters on a personal level.

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