Friday, February 24, 2017

Foxy Knoxy

“Either I am a psychopath in sheep’s clothing, or I am you.” 

The Amanda Knox Documentary unfolds a story of eight years regarding the murder of Knox’ roommate, Meredith Kercher.  The documentary unfolds Knox’ first hand story of what she went through, how the police treated her, the presence of media, and the relationship with her boyfriend all leading up to her conviction. 

The mystery of the murder of Knox’ roommate is easily overlooked by the other factors they play a role in this documentary. One of the main focuses throughout this film is the presence of the media and its ability to manipulate such horrific stories into a world wide headliner. The judicial system is also severely questioned through out the story, as she goes to trial four times, being found guilty and innocent back and fourth until her fourth and final conviction of not guilty. The documentary itself covers the years leading up to Knox’ final conviction, and what steps were taken to do so but the focus is really on how media can play a role in the law making it construed, and unjust. 

The entire world was nose deep in this mystery during the time of these trials, headlines all over the world played off of the trials, crimes scenes and relationships of the people involved. Recently there has been many popular documentaries covering the trials of well known crimes, OJ Simpson Trial or Making a Murderer for example. The audience of this documentary is highly based off of the popularity of these murder mysteries, anyone and everyone wanting a simple thrill is entertained by the suspense. Opinions are questioned and information that will never be known entices people of all sorts. 

The purpose of this documentary was to follow a young girls first hand point of view and the story that surrounded the mystery of her roommates murder and later to her conviction. The documentary successfully told only one side of the story - Knox’. The advantage of Knox’ telling the story gave credibility to the film, how could a primary source be wrong? She was there and she was in the middle of it, her credibility gives purpose and meaning to the story being told - without her the popularity and success would not have been what it is. 

Point of View:
Directors of this documentary aimed to identify the people that were entwined in the events and speculations. The directors of this documentary Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn, both rookies, took interest in her and gained her trust by simply just listening to her story. They saw this film as a long shot, but wanted viewers to feel a one on one connection with the interviews in the film. During interviews Knox’ is seen through out the movie in emotional monologues and gathered in family settings, all which depict a young innocent girl troubled by the ongoing mystery she is stuck in.The documentary was designed for the audience to see the innocence in her. This documentary based on journalism entertains viewers with salacious headlines and conveys judicial fallacies through media influence and poor depiction of law enforcement.

Side note:Amanda had already made millions off of her book released in 2013. So why not make a documentary? Amazing how someone accused of a murder can make millions. 

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