Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Defining Music in Land of The Lost

Land of The Lost starring Will Ferrell, Anna Friel, and Danny McBride is Fantasy/Action movie with a lot of humor. The sound tracks involved which are by Michael Giacchino of LA Studio voices; do not have words but the sounds in the songs help enforce the mood of the movie in several different ways. Starting with the scene where Dr. Rick Marshall or Will Ferrell decides to build a tachyon amplifier to make time travel a real thing. In the heat of the moment goes into a food coma. The sound track during this part of the movie is called "Food Coma For Thought". The song is helpful and does a very good job of portraying Will Ferrell's story as he talks about what happened and why he ate so much. This song uses Logos because it persuades the audience by reason which in context helps you understand the reason of the food coma. It also causes there to be a moment of relaxation because alot of the movie is full of action and adventure and this scene is calm and at a very slow part of the movie. The next parts of the movie are very adventurous and interesting. Starting with the trios first encounters of the land of the lost. The land of the lost and is a time and place lost in dimension and so it would be a very amazing aww type moment from here on out. As they begin to explore and see everything the next song played is "Swamp and Circumstances". This song is very eery and creates a very nervous almost scared feeling. As they are walking around this unforeseen world you can tell they are about make some scary encounters based of the songs eeriness and they end up running into a dinosaur. You can tell because the song starts off slow because the actors are walking around looking for whats next, and then it gets very loud and fast  when trouble presents itself. This song uses Pathos because it makes you have an emotional response to this scene in the movie. It makes you feel like there is danger lurking around every corner and thats exactly what there was.

As the movie progresses the trio begin to have some issues, and Dr. Rick Marshall loses faith in himself and all that he has done to get them this far. The other actors are in shock and upset at his ability to just quit and give up just like that. Then Marshall gets a revitalized mindset and wants to continue on the chase for lost tachyon amplifier. The next song "A New Marshall in Town" portrays exactly that. The scene is Dr. Rick Marshall walking back up to camp with a new hope in his eyes. The song portrays revitalization and shows that Marshall is a new man. The song enforces that with upbeat hopeful noises and beats. It creates a since of interest and thought to move forward on their trek. This sound shows ethos in my opinion. Because it enforces credibility that the character has hope now and persuasion to the other 2 actors in the movie that didn't expect this turning point by their leader.

The movie progresses and the trio find the tachyon amplifier. They all celebrate and relax for while and end up getting drunk except for Holly. She decides to go exploring with the amplifier alone. In the wake of her seperate exploration she is abducted by the Sleestak. The next song "In Search Of... Holly" is used to reinforce this scene. Will and Danny have to go track her down and find her. The song really helps create the scene. It is fast and and has a lot of beats that reinforce the hunt and sense of unknown in tracking down and helping Holly. The song uses pathos because it helps you understand emotionally how the other two actors feel while searching for Holly and creates a since of unknown and worry.

Through out this humorous and adventurous movie the songs helped reinforce the scenes and really made this film very easy to understand and fun to watch. I loved it. For these reason I give this film a......

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