Wednesday, February 1, 2017

 Secretariat Music Analysis

The music heightens the true story of Secretariat, the greatest horse, as the 105th Belmont Stakes horse race. The pace very slow just the breathes of Secretariat, his hoof prints and announcer then shifts into the song. This takes an intense nerve racking point to the complete opposite as you get a relief lifted. The song shapes the whole movie to this strong fight emotion to be glorious triumph that makes everything worth what the family went through. The movie successfully utilizes ethos, pathos and logos.

By the Music and Mood section Gabriel Yared explains “he relied on a large orchestra to convey lush, noble themes” (A22). This relates to the song as the orchestra is very prominent throughout the movie as well as the song. Also, Yared says, “it’s supposed to elevate the audience and have a timeless nature” (A22). I believe this is exactly what the song does for the spectators of the film. This song gets into the people’s feelings fast and directly by the tone of the orchestra playing with the lyrics.
The beginning of the movie begins in strong beat that increases as Penny Tweedy, the main character, starts to tell a story. The beat has increased and begins to play a trumpet sounds. This shows there is a positive powerful outcome in the end of the movie. The song matches the scene because Penny is explaining a story from the Bible about a horse and in the end the trumpets sound exactly at the right time the trumpet plays. I felt the slow beat to draw my attention in to be so interested in the movie. As the beat continues to pound I am hooked on the upcoming events to happen. My mood is intrigued about the particular intention this opening beat rhythm with the story means.

During the 105th Belmont Stakes walking through the tunnel is slow loud beats, like a harmonious tune that picks up more and more, feeding off the crowd and making his way down the track to the gate. All of a sudden quiet, hear Secretariat breathe, his footprints through every stride. The footprints get more intense, louder, it becomes quiet. Turns the corner full on hoof print sounds. The song “Oh Happy Day”, to fight and pray plays the rest of the race. The victory meant even more with this song at the last furlong leading up to the finish line. I felt very happy and excited for the horse and owner. This is recognizable to all the viewers because at this time they have heard of this song in their everyday life. The song matches the scene exactly, the lyrics say “oh happy day, to fight and pray”. This is Penny’s happy day because she and the trainer fought through all the trials of the racing road with Secretariat to finally win the Belmont Stakes by 31 lengths. I felt so exhilarated at the moment when Secretariats hoof prints came around the last corner and the song started playing. As the song continued I got even more excited for him as he kept gaining a bigger lead, the song picks up speed too. My mood was nervous at the start of the race and got happy through the turn as the song starts.

Through these elements of ethos, logos and pathos all have played a meaningful part in this movie. Secretariat will forever be the true story of the greatest horse ever to live, with a heart ten times bigger than a normal horse.

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